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Taking Photos (Susan "Samm" Enman)

Taking Photos

First click on the spotlight in the upper right corner of the screen. Type in “Photo Booth” and click on the icon.

When Photo Booth pops up, position yourself in the center of the screen and look at the camera at the very top of the screen in the center. Press the big red button on the Photo Booth application and wait as it counts down from 3, 2, 1. You can also browse the different Photo Booth “effects” to add something a little different to your picture.

To find your photo after you take it, click on the spotlight icon once again, type in “pictures” and click on the “Pictures” icon.

Find your photo under “All Images” and save to the desktop. Now you can upload this photo to your website.

If you find that you use the "Photo Booth" application on your computer, you can consider having the icon on your computer dock. That way it is easier to access. Just a click away, as oppose to typing it into spotlight. 

Examples of Photo Booth photos
Here are a few samples of photo booth photos.  As you can see, the best photos were taken with the subject looking directly into the camera. If you wear glasses, it is best to remove them as the reflection causes a glare on the glasses making it difficult to see the eyes. The eyes are the most telling feature of a face. They can either show excitement and a vibrant personality or a dull sinister look, both are fine depending on the type of message you want  to send. It is also best to wear a high collar t-shirt or shirt to make the look cleaner.