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Revision History (Jefferson Byrd)

The Revision History function is a tool built into

Revision History allows a web editor to return to a previous version of their website. This is particularly useful in case of error. Revision History also shows who has edited the website, when it was edited, and what specific information was edited. 

Follow these steps below to utilize the Revision History function:

1. Go to
2. Sign in to your Google account. 

3. Select the webpage to edit.

4. Navigate to any web page within the site. 

5. At the top right corner click the “More actions” button. 

6. A menu will drop down. Select “Revision History”

On the left side of the revision history page, there will be several versions ranging from high to low (
for example: Version 60 -51). Clicking on these versions will allow open previous versions of the webpage. Clicking the "Revert to this version" option on the right side of the page will restore  the website to the selected version.