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Photo Booth (Erebuni Ohanian)

Photo Booth can be found by searching the name on the top right top corner magnifying glass of your mac screen. 

This search application is known as Spotlight and will spotlight the Photo Booth application for you. Photo Booth is the built in photographic tool on most recent Mac computers. On any Imac or Macbook, you will find a camera located on top of the center of the screen next to a green light. This green light will turn on when you open the Photo Booth Application on your computer.

There are many special background and effects you can choose from when taking a picture with Photo Booth. This application is great for Skype as it can also be used as a web-camera.

After taking a picture by clicking the red button on the middle of the application screen, you can find the location of your photo by clicking 'File' and 'Reveal' on Finder. This application seems to be a great tool as you can use it to take pictures of anything, even papers or other photos. Another tool on this application is the ability to flip the picture after you have taken it, in order to flip the image into a mirror image.