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Links (Enrique Aguirre)

To create a link from your website to another site you are going to have to create a hyperlink. Creating a hyperlink from your website is easy. First, open a new window and find the site you want to link to. Highlight the web address to that site and copy it by holding the command key and pushing the "C" key on your keyboard (this is a shortcut for copying text on Mac computers). If you do not have a Macintosh, right click the highlighted webpage address and select "copy." 

Once you have the website address, follow these steps to create a hyperlink: 
  • 1) Log onto your website. 
  • 2) Select "edit page." 
  • 3) Highlight the word that you want to link. 
  • 4) Select the Link button on the toolbar. 
  • 5) Select the Web address tab on the left (the one between Existing page and Apps Script). 
  • 6) Paste the address you copied from the site you want to link to in the "link to this URL" box. Use command + v to shortcut. 
  • 7) Click OK.