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HTML - HyperText Markup Language (Randy Daniels)

HTML (hypertext markup language) is the code that creates the elements (text, images and objects) of a webpage. A webpage is essentially a text file that contains HTML that is then read by a web browser, which in turn displays the web page. The elements of HTML form the building blocks for all websites which allows the builder to embed images and objects which can be used to create interactive formsHTML documents are then read by a web browser and displayed in audible and visual web pages. Each HTML document should have four Document tags. These tags are listed as follows:  <HTML>, <HEAD>, <TITLE>, and <BODY ...>.   HTML standards are developed and disseminated by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Currently, HTML4 and XHTML are the most widely used versions of HTML. HTML5, the most recent version of HTML is still a few years away from becoming the standard HTML. For more information on HTML in all of its incarnations visit the W3C website.