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Table of Contents (Randy Daniels)

Table of Contents (TOC) is a listing of all of the topics, sections or chapters to be found in the book or document that follows. Table of contents often will list the page number where a certain topic or chapter begins in that particular book or document.  However, digital documents will often list links in the table of contents as opposed to page numbers.  You can  learn how to create your own formatted Table of Contents here. You can also go here to learn to create a Table of Contents by marking text in Word.

Click on (1) Website. When you are signed in, choose Edit Page and click after the Website subtitle on the Website page. Go to the Insert button on the left and choose Table of Contents. Make sure the width is 750. Save it and save at the top. To avoid this happening, make sure you change the Heading to Heading 2 or the Table of Contents will disappear.