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Google+ Photo Upload (Nathaniel Jones)

Photos, Google+, and You (Nathaniel Jones)

With the muddled convergence of Picasa and Google+, it appears somewhat easier to use Google+ to create and share photo albums. Here are the steps required to do so.

1. First, log in to your Google + and find the photos button on the left sidebar.
Photos button

2.  You can click either on Add Photos or Albums below.  If you do the latter, you will be taken to a list of all your current albums with this menu bar across the top:

Menu Bar

3. Click on "Upload New Photos" and you will see the dialog depicted below appear.  You can create a new album by typing in an album name in the provided field, or you may choose to add your photos to an existing album by clicking the blue hyperlink next to that text field and selecting one of your albums from the dropdown box that appears as shown in the second picture below.

Add Photos Dialog
Existing Album dropdown

4.  Drag your photos from the folder on your computer onto the area depicted above.  The photos will be uploaded automatically and you will be given an opportunity to click on each one individually and add captions.  Click the blue "create album" button when finished.

5.  You will see your new album as you are returned to your albums page.  Click on the new album to open it and adjust its sharing options.

Hovering over an album

6.  If you see visibility only you at the top of the album screen, then you must click on the "Only you" link to open this dropdown menu:

Sharing Options

7.  Click on "Share via link" and it will now allow anyone who has the link that Google assigns to the album to view it.  Copy the provided link and click the blue Save button.

8.  Share that link in all the ways you know how!