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Google Maps - Embedding a map into your webpage (Monica Slevin)

To embed a map into a webpage - 
  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Type in the location you want to map and click "Search Maps"
  3. View the map to be sure it is the correct location with the correct details.
  4. Click on "link", which is in the toolbar along the top of the map. 
  5. You want the HTML code in the second box, but FIRST you want to change the width to "700" and the height to "700".
  6. Highlight to select all (cmd a) the code in the box and copy it (cmd c).
  7. Return to your website and "Create a Page".
  8. To embed the code into your page, click on the "HTML" icon - which is in the toolbar
  9. The Edit HTML window opens and you will paste (cmd v) the code in the box after the <br> that is already in the box.
  10. Click "update" and then click "Save" (even if you don't see the map yet. It should appear when saved.)
  11. You should now have a page with an embedded interactive map.
Adding a link to the Google Maps street view (little yellow man)
  1. Follow same steps 1-4 as above.
  2. You do not want the HTML code, you want the information in the FIRST box.
  3. Highlight and select all of the code in the box
  4. Return to your website and click on the link icon on the top toolbar, add the link to the URL box
  5. Check the box that says "Open this link in a new window"
  6. Click "Save"
Steps to Embedding a map into your webpage:

    1. Go to the top left of your website where it says "Insert", and choose "Map". 


    2.) After choosing "Map", enter the address or the name of the place for which you are inserting a map.


    3.) Lastly, press "Select", and choose the appropriate details for your desired map (i.e. size, title, etc.).