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Google Docs and Survey Tool (Michael Flores)

Google Docs, Survey Tool

The survey tool is a web-based tool that will allow you to quickly take surveys of a certain population. You can create surveys by: 

1) Logging in to your gmail account; you will need to have a gmail account to access this page.  If you dont have one, please see other notes to create one, but if you already have one, then go to gmail and log on.

2) Afterwards click the DOCUMENTS link. 

3) After you click this, beneath the Google docs logo is a Button for “Create New.” A drop down menu will appear. For a survey you will click Form
4)  Immediately a Google docs form will come up with prompts allowing you to create your: Question Title, HelpText,Question Type, Options, etc
You can create any type of survey, and when you click on the they down arrow of question type, you will find different types of questions.  When you are done creating your survey, make sure you save it and preview it.  You will want to remember to share it publicly or share it with link when you are done creating your survey.  

5) You will want to hyper-link the survey onto a main web page because the web address will be ridiculous to remember. 

6)  Click on "link" on tool bar, then paste your web address of survey by following prompts of hyperlink page.  If done correctly, your website should direct anyone to your web survey.

Here is a helpful website for more information.