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CSV (Hyun Choe)

    Comma Separated Value (CSV) is a file format used to take information from documents like excel and insert them into unlike documents, or vice versa. CSV takes XML file format, which we separate information with "tabs" or "categories" and transfers them to a spreadsheet, so the information can be retrieved in other documents.

                                Category (type of information)

Record (person)

    CSV turns what would normally be repetitious typing, into a simple exchange. When the file needs to be transferred, all you need to do is change the extension (.XML/XCSV/.DOC). 
        * Click File
        * Save as
        * Save as type(under save as name): (.CSV) 
        * Save
You can find a picture related to CSV on the following link : edited by Hyun Choe

Choe Hyun,
Jun 5, 2013, 1:11 PM