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Subpages (Nathaniel Jones)

Subpages refer to a lower level webpage within a website or wiki.  The url for subpages begins identical to their parent page, followed by a slash (/) and text indicating the location of the subpage.  For example, is the home page of our class website, adding "/wiki-notes" to the end will take you to the subpage regarding Wiki Notes.  The subpage system is recursive in that subpages can have their own nested subpages.  Continuing the previous example, adding "/-1-website" will take you to a secondary subpage, and adding "/adding-a-subpage" to a tertiary subpage.
Subpages are a useful way to keep your site organized and user-friendly.  The use of subpages should be logical and easy to follow.  Buttons across the top of the page (under the banner), or a side-bar listing the different subpages are a great way to keep the information on  your site accessible.  In a classroom, setting you could have one subpage for homework assignments, one for grades, one for lecture slides, etc.  Near the top of each subpage there should be a link to return to the previous "parent" page (also known as a "breadcrumb"). 
Here are instructions for inserting a subpage listing to your website:
1. Click Edit Page on the page where you desire to insert the listing.
2. In the upper left-hand corner, click Insert.
3. Select Subpage listing.

4. Select your desired options and click Save.
5. Save the page.
Examples of subpage listings: