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Secondary Education 514 (Computers in Instruction) satisfies the computer requirement in CSUN's Secondary Education Credential Program, and also serves as credit in all of our master degree programs. This course introduces a wide variety of resources and teaching strategies to help you teach your subject more effectively and efficiently. This is a course in pedagogy and requires proficiency in the use of technology to improve student learning.

My name is Dr. Norman Herr.  I help coordinate the Masters programs in Science and Instruction Technology, and I direct the science education teaching credential programs.  We will use this site for all wiki contributions, surveys, and related interactive resources. 

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Developing a website 

January 21

Important Announcement from your professor

Welcome to Computers in Instruction (SED 514).  I am sorry that I am unable to be in class today.  Our son, John, is a collegiate cyclist for UC Berkeley and was hit by a van in an hit-and-run accident in Big Sur.  I will not be in class this week as I am with him in the hospital in San Luis Obispo. Although we will not meet at the university this week, we will have class & homework using some online resources that I prepared earlier.  Please read all of the information below.  I hope to be back in class next week. Sincerely, Norm Herr

Do you want to add the class?  
  • Permission numbers - select a permission number and place your name in the column to the right
  • Make your own slide in the class presentation. Starting at page 3 in the left side bar, select the next available spot and replace my personal information and photograph with your own. When it is done, it will look like this. 
  • If you need access to a computer lab outside of class, you can use the 
  • Student Lab, Education 2115A.  The door code is  0538845
Resources to acquire this week
  • Get a Google (gmail) account if you do not already have one.  A CSUN email will not suffice for the activities we will be doing. 
  • Create a Dropbox account - Use this link and get an additional 500MB free.  Read the tutorials and practice with the resource on your home computer. 
  • Open a Box account -  CSUN Box Account  (5GB free from CSUN). Read the tutorials and practice with the resource on your home computer. 
Todays Online Class & Associated homework - Assignment 1 - Website Development
  • We will be holding class today using a number of online resources.   The first assignment is Assignment 1 - Website.  You will be developing a website to host all of the assignments for 514.  
  • To introduce you to the way of making websites, we have created a series of videos as part of a larger project entitle Computer Supported Collaborative Science.  One of my graduate students  Kevin Bugg, has created a series of videos that introduce you to the technique of making website.  
  • The first thing to do is to Enroll in the CSCS course.  (This is a free online resource, and we will be using just one section of it.)  After enrolling, check your email to confirm that you have enrolled.   In lieu of our 3-hour class session this week, you will watch the videos.  Using the information you have gained, you will construct your website for this class (see next step).  Please fill out the very simple survey at the very bottom of the page by clicking on the orange  “start survey” button. 
  • Review 4 websites from the list in the right sidebar ( some are much better than others).  This is the work of previous students and will give you a good picture of the type of work you will be doing in this class. Create  the homepage for this class and include all of the resources mentioned in Assignment 1 - Website.
  • Post the URL for your website here and supply any missing information
Student workroom
  • 2115 A;  code: 0217720

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