Professional Background 
2011 yearbook photo of Mr. Stigler

Mr. Stigler was born a long time ago in Chicago, in the Midwest. He moved to Los Angeles when he was little, went to the elementary school now known as UCLA Lab School, moved on to Windward for 7th and 8th grades, and ended up going to Pali High for high school.

He then spent four years (minus a semester at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia) at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon (where it rains a lot), where he majored in International Affairs with a strong concentration in Computer Science. He worked at the Apple Store in Santa Monica over summer and winter breaks from college, and then continued working there for two or three years after he graduated from college. He then worked at The John Thomas Dye School for two and a half years, before leaving in November 2012 to move to Austin, Texas and become a software engineer, working on apps for iOS, on Mutual Mobile.

Mr. Stigler is skilled in the following languages and technologies:

  • Mac OS X (and Mac troubleshooting in general)
He also still remembers just a little Spanish from high school and college, but not anywhere close to enough to feel competent when conversing with people who grew up speaking it at home.


While working at Apple Mr. Stigler got into teaching adults how to use computers, and decided he wanted to become a teacher. In the summer of 2010 he started working as the Technology Assistant at John Thomas Dye, and soon grew into other responsibilities, such as supervising morning and lunch recess. He taught his first summer programming class, in Scratch, during Summer Session 2011; and for a while planned on becoming a teacher.

Interests & Hobbies

In his spare time Mr. Stigler develops iOS and Mac apps, watches just a little too much TV, and enjoys going out for frozen yogurt. He also enjoys the distinct privilege of getting to use the djay app on his iPad to DJ the 6th grade dance every year. He sometimes even lets students scratch some of the tracks!

Contact Information

The best way to reach Mr. Stigler is via email: sstigler1985@mac.com. He can also be reached via phone at (310) 476-2811 x285, and snail mail:

Sam Stigler
4330 Bull Creek Rd., Apt. 2130
Austin, TX 78731

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Notable People in Computer Science

Subject Matter Team

Unfortunately I do not have a subject matter team -- no one else in the S ED 514 class aspires to teach computers.