Professional Background:

As a recent 2012 graduate from California State University Northridge (CSUN), I received my Bachelor's Degree in Deaf Studies with a specialization in American Sign Language (ASL) Literature/Education. Throughout my undergraduate years, I served as an Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) for all four years, working in different classes and with various levels of college students. Some of the classes I served as an ISA for include Public Speaking, Introduction to University, and American Sign Language Level 4. I was furthermore placed as a voice and sign interpreter for a Deaf/Blind student in a freshman level English class. Along with these responsibilites, I worked separately as a volunteer filmographer for the National Center on Deafness (NCOD), in which my responsibilities included filming events such as the alumni reunion, the bi-annual Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant, the bi-annual Mr. Deaf CSUN Pageant, filming orientation videos for the organization's records, and making memorablia DVD's for selectclasses. I was also asked to film a promotion video for NCOD's Annual Sign and Run event, which I was responsible for over the course of three years. Moreover, I served on the committee board for the Student Leadership Conference in 2011, which NCOD also hosted, and for one year, I served as a tutor by appointment in their tutoring center on campus. I am currently enrolled in the credential program, pursuing a single subject credential to teach American Sign Language at the secondary education level.


 When I was fourteen years old and a new freshman at Highland High School, I was required by the school to take two years of a foreign language class. Because I'm deaf, the prospect of learning a foreign language frightened me, but  I explored my options and realized that they offered ASL as foreign language credit. Back then, I had no idea what ASL was, nor how it was important--just that it was a neccessity. Taking that class changed the course of my life; I learned more about myself and my capabilities as a deaf individual in those two years than I ever had in my life. It became the inspiration that motivated me to become a teacher. ASL opened my eyes up to worlds I had never seen, to a community that welcomed me with open arms, and to life-changing experiences. Because of these experiences, I wanted to become a teacher of this noble language and culture and do the same thing for my own students that it did for me.
Currently, I work as a student-teacher for a sixth grade class at John Muir Middle School. In the future, I would like to teach at the high school level as well.

Interests and Hobbies:

In my free time, writing is an ardent passion of mine. When I was fifteen, I started writing my first novel, Once Upon A Sunrise. In October 2010, an opportunity to publish arose, and so passed the first milestone in my writing experience. Currently, I'm working on developing the story of a television showthat I plan to direct andproduce myself sometime in the future. I also enjoy rollerblading by the beach, as well as hiking mountain trails, reading fiction, and painting. Film is another passion of mine; when I find the time, I enjoy curling up to a great comedy or action movie. Some of my favorites include: Lethal Weapon (all four), The Recruit, Cobra, Tango & Cash, White Chicks, Death Race, and Coach Carter.

Contact Information:

You can contact me at my email: 
I check my yahoo account daily, and will respond to any inquiries between 24 to 48 hours