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                                                                   Professional Background

    I have been involved in music since the 5th grade, where I first picked up the trombone. I continued to play in school ensembles all the way through high school. I attended Paso Robles High School, playing trombone in the marching and concert bands, as well as bass trombone in the jazz band. From there I set sail for California State University Northridge. I completed my degree in the Spring of 2012, graduating with a BA in Music Education. Since then I have been taking classes in pursuit of gaining my California teaching credential.


    It was the inspirational teachers that I had growing up that planted in me the desire to become a teacher. I saw that they were fascinating and happy people and I wanted to do what they were doing. I wanted to inspire other kids the way they inspired me. My first actual teaching experience began in college as an undergraduate. I spend a year teaching elementary beginning and advanced band with several of my other CSUN colleagues. We would split up the kids by instrument type and teach in small groups. I worked primarily with the brass students.

                                                                          Interests and Hobbies

         I love to write music. In addition to the trombone I also play keyboards and drum set. I am interested in making electronic music on my computer, as well as playing in the garage band I recently started with my roommate. In addition to writing and recording various types of music, I am big movie fan. I love watching films of all genres, especially those of Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Thomas Anderson, and other "auteurs".  

                                                                             Contact Information

Jimmy @ Carnagie    I can be reached by email at jimmybanthony@gmail.com

    My phone number: 805-610-4668

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