Professional Background and Teaching:

  • Growing up, playing teacher was my favorite game. I used to gather my younger cousins, set up my room, position my desk, and begin our adventure for the day. My favorite game soon became an idea of what I wanted to do with in my future. I carried the thought of teaching with me through La Crescenta Elementary, into Rosemont Middle school and finally to Crescenta Valley High School. Here, for the first time, I was able to distinguish if teaching was just a silly idea or my calling. Our local high school offers an elective that allows juniors and seniors an opportunity to spend time in an elementary classroom to teach, interact, read, or even play with younger students. Here that childish game, and a little idea transformed into a goal. I knew then that teaching was my passion, and it was only a matter of time that I have my own classroom.
  • I grew up in a rather small town called La Crescenta. Boy, did it have its small town ways! Everybody knew everyone, and nobody seemed to ever leave. I felt the need to explore and discover the world, beyond La Crescenta. Therefore, soon after receiving my degree in English at California State University, Northridge, I decided to leave to teach English abroad. I spent a year in Montevideo, Uruguay teaching English to learners of all levels. With the Spanish I acquired working in a restaurant throughout college, I taught, and oddly enough, they learned. Still today I am uncertain if it was my enthusiasm, dedication, or their learning abilities. Nonetheless, this experience reinforced what I already knew: I was meant to teach.
  • I am a product of the public school system. Granted, in my small town the schools are Blue Ribbon, or government awarded honor schools. I feel as though every child no matter where they come from, what personal struggles or adversities they may have faced, deserve a fair chance in education.
  • Being in a high school classroom working with adolescents, helping them, guiding them, and mentoring them is what I look forward to most. I cannot wait to become Ms. Armine Akopyan, High School teacher of English Literature.

Schools and Degrees:

  • La Crescenta Elementary, La Crescenta
  • Rosemont Middle School, La Crescenta
  • Crescenta Valley High School, La Crescenta
  • California State University, Northridge
      •     BA in English
      •     Secondary ED Credential

Interests and Hobbies:

  • I love to dance! I also love to read and while I appreciate all genres, I have come to really enjoy adolescent lit. .Although I do not watch many shows, I have a secret (well not so secret anymore) obsession with Law and Order SVU; luckily USA has all day marathons 4 times a week. Law and Order-SVU, Modern Family, and Jeopardy are probably the only valuable shows on TV these days, I think.

Contact Information: 

  • armine.akopyan.749@my.csun.edu or armakopyan@gmail.com

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