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8-Mgmt & Professionalism

(1) Record Keeping

Teachers have a professional responsibility to monitor, record and communicate student progress. Many schools and districts have adopted networked grading systems, and some publish grades on secure websites.

  • Use a your school's grade book program to develop a report for a real or hypothetical class of ten or more students who are assessed on five or more assignments. If you do not have access to such a program, you may use a free web-based grade book. You may import an artificial list of students by copying and pasting from this list of scientists.
  • Provide screen captures including:
    • grade book (summary of performance for entire class)
    • detailed report card (progress report) for an individual student.

For this assignment, I used the Engrade to practice managing the grades from a hypothetical intro to linguistics class. I have uploaded a printout as a jpeg for viewing below. I have also placed a screen capture of the grades in Engrade.

(2) Searching / Identifying Plagiarism

The ease of information access can accelerate the learning process, but it can also be counter-productive by facilitating plagiarism. Discuss the importance of intellectual honesty with your students and illustrate how you can easily identify work plagiarized from sites on the Internet.

  • Using an advanced search engine, find text from one of your students or from a website related to your field that appears to be plagiarized. Copy and paste the text and the URLs of both pieces in question.
  • Use an online plagiarism detection service such as (Professor Herr, course: sed514; number 3235999; password: sed514) . If you can not find any plagiarized student work, use an article related to your field from Wikipedia.

I used to test a fake document made up text from a number of websites. Below are the results of the experiment:


(3) Assessment

Teachers must regularly assess student progress. Many textbook publishers make test construction easier by providing test generators, software which allows the teacher to quickly compose tests and keys from question databases. Test generators allow the teacher to input questions, and often provide databases of questions the teacher can select from.

  • Generate a test with at least 7 questions using an online test/quiz generator. Make sure you include sound, photos, and video in some of your questions. Provide a link to the quiz as well as a screen capture of the score someone received after taking the quiz.

I made a study guide for a phonology class on Quizlet. The flashcards can be seen below:

(4) Communication

Students benefit when teachers clearly state their expectations in written form. When these expectations are available on the Internet, all students and parents can benefit, particularly students who have been absent. A variety of commercial resources exist with which teachers can post calendars, homework assignments, and other important documents.

  • Put your class assignments on a Google Site and include a calendar showing when the assignments are due.

For this assignment I created a schedule for assignments due for a Intro to Linguistics short course that runs from 4/30/13-6/25/13. The homework, quizzes, research paper, presentations, and final exam are listed in the google calendar on the Assignments page that I created (a sub page of this page).

(5) Professional Growth

Teachers should model "life-long learning" by attending workshops, reading journals, and participating in professional organizations.

  • Describe a professional conference (related to your field) you may benefit from attending. Describe the purpose and scope of the professional organization sponsoring the conference and provide a synopsis of the conference and one or more selected workshops or presentations you would like to attend. Include a link to the professional organization and to the specific conference. 

On April, 12, 2013, I visited San Diego Mesa College for their 10th annual Languages Conference. This was an interesting and valuable program because the presentations covered both theoretical issues of teaching languages, but also pedagogical approaches to motivate students. The conference is given by the Languages Department at the San Diego Mesa Community College. 

Also, annually there is a conference held at Cal State Los Angeles on Mesoamerican studies. I have attended in the past but I was not able to attend this year. This is a great conference that brings scholar from a number of fields, from all over the world to present their latest research. 

(6) Employment

Most schools and districts advertise job openings on the Internet. Teachers should use such resources not only to find employment for themselves, but also to attract others to their schools and thus build strong departments.

  • Find a job announcement for a teaching position for which you are qualified. Include a screen capture of the advertisement. Describe the school and community using information found on the Internet. Cite your resources.
  • Put your resume online, either using LinkedIn or one of the professional job sites. You can copy the template found at the bottom of this page.

Using the SoCal HERC website (Southern California Higher Education Research Consortium).
Two Jobs that I will qualify (once I've finished my Ph.D.):

I have posted my resume here (file cabinet). I did not post it on linked in as I could not find anyplace to do so. This resume is more in the CV Style.

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