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6-Graphics & Publishing

Desktop Publishing Project (turn in this portion)

Teachers frequently need to develop newsletters, handouts, flyers, study guides and notes that incorporate graphics and text.

  • Develop one or more documents relevant to your teaching that incorporate the features listed above. Save your file in doc and pdf formats. Your documents should be related to what you teach, professional in appearance and useful to you or your students or school.
  • Provide links to the pdf and doc files.

I have used these techniques in many of the documents posted on this site so far. Please see my handouts in Assignment 3, 4, and 5. I was also happy to have learned these techniques before getting too deep into my Thesis. I used many of the tools above including: styles, table of contents, lists of tables and figures based on captions, images, drawings, foot notes, citations, bullets and numbers, headers and footers, tables, and graphs. 
I uploaded the word doc of my thesis to the file cabinet. Here are some screen grabs from my thesis: