GOOGLE -  Adam Armentor / Austin TX

Lucian was great! I contacted him for the first time one evening because I had an emergency delivery to make the next morning. My delivery was made well before the deadline. Top-notch service!

GOOGLE - Valery Graham / Austin TX

Very fast. Great communication. Easy, easy, easy. Will use again.

YELP  -  Tiffany T.  / Austin TX
Yelp Reviews
5.0 star rating

Very fast, efficient, and even took a picture of the delivery!

YELP  - Mike C.  /  Spring TX

Yelp Reviews
5.0 star rating

Lucian has delivered timely and excellent service every time we've needed something NOW!

YELP  - Bradley M.  /  Mobile AL.

Yelp Reviews
5.0 star rating

Professional all the way through. The tracking system that Lucian uses allows for complete transparency and I was able to coordinate with my customers exactly when their material would arrive so that they could schedule their work force efficiently. The customer service I received from 512-Deliver was superb and I will be using them again. I highly recommend this company when you are looking for a fast and dependable delivery!

YELP  - Steven R.  /  Mount Shasta, CA

5.0 star rating

512-Deliver amazed me with their service.  I had a complex delivery request that they were able to complete in less time than I expected.  I live out of town and needed a single document signed by multiple hard-to-get people in Austin.  512-Deliver was able to track down all five persons, gather the signatures in the proper order, and then deliver the document to its final destination at The University.  The price for the service was much lower than I expected, and they kept me apprised with frequent updates of their progress.  If you need something delivered, I highly recommend 512-Deliver!

YELP  - SH O.  /  Oklahoma City, OK

5.0 star rating

Yesterday our company had a pallet that needed to be at a trade show that was left on the shipping dock of a freight company outside Austin. I contacted 512-Deliver and they were able to go pickup the pallet and get it delivered downtown in a matter of 2 hours!  I would certainly recommend 512-Deliver to anyone needing to ship in the Austin area. Goes above and beyond the norm with their service and text updates and definitely helped our company out when we were in a bind and needed a last minute shipper.

YELP  - Harry G.  /  Austin, TX 

5.0 star rating

Very responsive, great communication and attention to detail.  Without hesitation or reservation I would recommend 512-Deliver to anyone or any business that needs something delivered quickly and efficiently.  Kenny G., CEO

YELP  - Evonne E.  /  Dallas, TX 

5.0 star rating

I needed an emergency copy of a signed Judgment from the Court, which the Court had not sent us. Being in Dallas with the Courthouse in Georgetown, it created quite a problem for us to get the copy of the Judgment in time for the deadline.  I called 512-deliver and received very professional assistance with my request.  The couriers went directly to the Courthouse and returned with a copy of the signed Judgment which was then scanned and sent to me within 1 hour!  I would highly recommend 512-Deliver! Excellent service and a job well done!

YELP  - Sean A  /  Austin, TX 

5.0 star rating

I was desperate to find some one deliver flowers to my wife who was running a food trailer in traffic and crowds, and was absoloutely amazed at what these guys did and how easy it was and how I was getting notices at every point and could even follow them on my phone.  Simply amazing.  Will definitely use and recommend to anyone that wants done fast and professionally.

YELP  - Tiffini H.  /  Houston, TX 

5.0 star rating
Absolutely excellent service!!!  Luciano is the best!  I needed my dog's passport to travel to France with me.  As the USDA is in Austin and I live in Houston, I was quite nervous about getting the passport in time for my trip.  Luciano made me feel I was in safe hands from the start.  He even included photos of the FedEx envelope and address labels.  My mind was at ease.  I highly recommend 512-Deliver!

YELP  - Girl B.  /  San Francisco, CA 

5.0 star rating

I would like to highly recommend 512-Deliver !
I called them in a panic as I had had a crucial delivery scheduled for materials that needed to get to a construction project that morning. The much larger truck delivery service I had hired & paid for their "Hot Rush", told me at 8 am that my delivery scheduled for that morning would not be on the truck as my job was to a residence and that did not work with the routes they had planned that day & the trucks were loaded etc etc. Basicly take my money & screw me over. I could be delivered on Tuesday , it was Friday !! Workers were on the delivery site waiting to get the material to complete their job on schedule that day. I did a Google search & my first call was to 512 -Deliver. Lucian answered the phone & worked with me quickly & efficiently to get the job info & get my order picked up & to my client. The materials arrived on the site by 11 am ! 
He let me know along the way with both his easy to follow tracking system as well as calls that everything was running smoothly. I was able to let the client & the contractor know exactly when the materials would show up. Lucian allowed me to keep my promise & reputation. Being in the service business myself I appreciate great service, Especially when it allows me to complete my job. 

Thank you Lucian !

Google + Reviews  Calleigh Mentzer-Tootle

Oct 18, 2013

Very good customer service. Very reasonable prices. I will definitely use them in the future. Calleigh

Google + Reviews  Dani G.

Sep 10, 2012

Great service! I needed something delivered very quickly and called them and it got done faster than I expected. Highly recommended, thanks guys!

Google + Reviews  Mike.

Apr 27, 2010

Our firm had used courier services for years. We have never seen anything like 512-DELIVER. Great job Mike

via Email  Traci L  / Jul 2, 2014
Thank you so much. Great job.
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There are a lot more reviews sent via email. We will upload them shortly. Thank you for your kind words !