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 47 Windborough Road, Carshalton.  This was Cliff's first home when his family moved from India.   They then moved into No. 45 and slept in a small front room.

Harry's Grandparents lived at 47 Windborough Road, Carshalton, but the Webb family lived next door at No 45 for a while, and later moved in with the Grandparents.  This was very cramped and nothing like the lifestyle they were used to. Dorothy hated it and longed for here life in India and wondered whether it was a mistake to come to England after all, whether Australia would have been a better choice. This was very different from living in India, it was cold, and instead of a luxurious house they had to live in cramped conditions in one room, where they ate, slept, washed and cooked. 

Hargreaves Close, Cheshunt - Cliff's family moved here in 1951 when a neighbour saw the way the family were all living in one room. This was their first own house since moving from India.
Colne Road  - This was Cliff's first house, which he bought with his own money.  Cliff's room was in the attic which was reached through a door which looked like an airing cupboard. The fans discovered where Cliff lived, so they had to raise the fence.  Cliff's Mom felt sorry for the fans and used to invite them in for cups of tea.  Cliff's room was decorated with wallpaper on one wall was decorated with natives and yaks and the other walls bright yellow and he had a reading lamp at the side of the bed with was presented to him by the 59 Teenage Club of the Eton Mission  
Flat in London - Cliff lived here whilst working in London.  It saved him commuting many miles every day
Rookswood - Cliff's first mansion, which he purchased for £32,000.  It had panelling from Hampton Court, a billiard room, six bedrooms, four reception rooms and a cottage for the staff.  Cliff hoped to keep this house a secret, but the fans discovered where he lived and smashed down a fence


Previous house in Portugal - Cliff had a place in Portugal bought for him by his manager.  After realising how he liked Portugal, he bought his own home. 
 Quinta Do Moinho Portugal - Cliff's own working farm near Guia in the Algarve.  You can see the vines growing in the acres of land that produce the Vida Nova wine.  Cliff also has his own chickens which produce eggs.
Photo of garden kindly provided by Helen Jones
Weybridge - Cliff recently sold his house in St Georges Hill Weybridge.  It had swimming pool, tennis courts, and a large garden with waterfalls running through to a fish pond and a wooded area at the back.

BUNGALOW, WENTWORTH ESTATE, BERKSHIRE: Wentworth Estate, Guide Price £1,595,000 Freehold


Could this be the conservatory that caused so much controversy, it doesnt look too large to me?
Barbados Sugar Hill Restaurant and Pool
 Local restaurant
Stanley Park Junior School. Cliff's first school on arrival in England.  When Harry arrived at the school he bowed to his teacher.

Harry failed his 11 plus and in September 1952 he started Cheshunt Senior School. 

Atlas Lamps, Thorn Electrical, Great Cambridge Road, Enfield  - Cliff's Dad worked at Atlas Lamps and managed to get Cliff a job as a credit control clerk.  Cliff had to deal with despatches to different places and he admitted to not being any good at Geography.  He didnt worked there long before he became a professional singer

At the weekly dance  at the Holy Trinity Youth Club Waltham

two girls used to sing to the records and Harry and two others were asked to join in.  They performed at a fundraising event and later called themselves the Quintones.  At this stage Harry was desperately trying to be like Elvis.  He would mime to his records and ask his sister if he looked like him.  Harry performed Heartbreak Hotel on 14 July 1956 and the event was published in the local newspaper with a picture of Harry 

2 I's Coffee Bar where Cliff and the Shadows used to sing and play in the basement.  Hank and Bruce used to work the orange machine when they werent playing.  Cliff used to travel here on the bus and was disappointed that he wasnt recognised.
Empire Theatre, Hackney
Oh Boy was recorded here and this was Cliff's first T.V. show.
 Cliff Richard Court retirement home.
With the reopening of Wembley Arena in 2006, a "Square of Fame" area has been created in front of the arena. Similar to the Holywood Walk of Fame, Wembley Arena performers are invited to have bronze plaques imprinted with their names and handprints
 On 9 November 2006 Cliff added his handprints to the Square
Comment from Cliff-
Bus pass, pipe and slippers? Don't you believe it. The buzz I get from performing to a live audience is just as real and exciting as ever it was - and hopefully I've a few years left in me yet!
 Cliff the Movie, Prince of Wales Theatre.  This was staged by Mike Read and included three Cliffs singing songs through the decades 
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