Safari Bath Decor

safari bath decor
  • An expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, esp. in East Africa
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  • SAFARI was an attempt by the French government, under the presidency of Georges Pompidou, to create a centralized database of personal data. The database was supposed to interconnect data, in particular through the use of the INSEE code (also used as a Social Security number).
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Karibu (come in)
Karibu (come in)
Our luxury tent at Kirawira Luxury Tent Camp in Tanzania was gorgeous, outfitted in classic safari decor—dark wood flooring and furnishings, glass and brass lanterns, a vintage luggage trunk for the wardrobe, vintage tiles and dark wood in the bath.
The Safari Room
The Safari Room
A masculine, safari decor dominates this guestroom, a favorite of men and women alike. Amenities include: Flat-screen HDTV, electric "wood stove" and private bathroom with separate dressing room and double whirlpool bath.

safari bath decor
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