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Bathroom Decor

bathroom decor
  • toilet: a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
  • a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet
  • A bathroom is a room that may have different functions depending on the culturalist context. In the most literal sense, the word bathroom means "a room with a bath".
  • A room containing a toilet
  • A set of matching units to be fitted in such a room, esp. as sold together
  • A room containing a bathtub or a shower and usually also a washbasin and a toilet
  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.
  • interior decoration: decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior
  • The decoration and scenery of a stage
  • The furnishing and decoration of a room
  • The style of decoration of a room, building

Blue bathroom
Blue bathroom
I love, love, love this bathroom. It's far and away the favorite of the three, for both of us. The colors just came out great, and I got a fabulous deal on an adorable wastebasket and matching soap dispenser. We also got the towels to go with it. This is our main guest bath, so it's good that we like it!
bathroom Decor
bathroom Decor
This was bathroom decor for the ladies room. I didn`t like the way it turned out ,so I did some editing.

bathroom decor
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