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Discount Floral Containers

discount floral containers
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discount floral containers - Stack and
Stack and Grow Terracotta Planter with 20 Planting Pockets
Stack and Grow Terracotta Planter with 20 Planting Pockets
The Stack & Grow planter is a unique and versatile vertically stacking planter that is great for the creative gardener! The Stack and Grow planter brings your vegetable, fruit, herb or flower garden to the space of your choice. On the balcony, deck, porch, or inside your home, the Stack and Grow holds up to 20 plants, with virtually no assembly and easy moving and storage capabilities. The Stack & Grow planter comes on easy glide wheels, making it a breeze to move around your home, deck, or patio. With 16 planting pockets and a deep, full center planting area, the possibilities for your Stack and Grow planter are truly endless. Housed in beautiful, terra-cotta-colored trays measuring 24 inches wide and 15 inches tall when assembled, herb gardens, strawberry patches, floral arrangements and assorted veggies make a perfect addition to any home.

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"Floral pastry" and tea!
"Floral pastry" and tea!
Tampere Floral Festival has its own pastry that is for sale in every bigger bakery and store. It was so sweet, little bit too sweet for me! Oh, and I liked my new teapot which I bought today, very handy.
Floral Offering
Floral Offering
Ofrena floral / Ofrenda Floral * Ofrenda de Flores a los Santos Patronos de Elda San Crispin y San Crispiniano * Fallas de Elda 2011 Elda (Alicante - Comunidad Valenciana - Pais Valencia - Spain)

discount floral containers
discount floral containers
Colored Glass Hanging Flower Wall Vases #1 - Lot of 4 ~ Colored Glass Bottle ~ Floral Vase ~ Colored Vase
These jeweled - tone colored glass flower vases are a sparkling addition to a home or garden decor. The small decorative hanging colored glass vases are perfect to decorate the patio, add some fresh flowers to them to top off the festive summer nights, use as garden vases. They look great inside the home, add fresh or artificial flowers, scented oils with reeds or incense sticks. The unique design also makes an attractive window ornament. Place on a sunny windowsill or hang as wall vase. Pretty and practical perfect gift for the indoor plant enthusiast vase can be used to root cuttings or as a mini plant starter vase.