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Cost For Wedding Flowers

cost for wedding flowers
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cost for wedding flowers - Southern Wedding
Southern Wedding Flowers How to Reduce Your Cost, Reuse Your Garden, and Recycle Family Heirlooms
Southern Wedding Flowers How to Reduce Your Cost, Reuse Your Garden, and Recycle Family Heirlooms
This hardback colorful book with over 300 photos of floral design from real weddings and events gives how to instructions for making wreaths, bouquets, centerpieces and high-end floral design. The book shows you what and how to grow your own flowers in your garden and enjoy them in your home all year. Southern Wedding Flowers is full of witty, fun, instructions on planning your wedding or event. This book will help you save money while learning eco-friendly ways to reuse your garden and flowers. Discover how to recycle family keepsakes like jewels and fabric for memories of a lifetime.

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My Wedding Cake - 5th Feb 2000 - A walk down "Memory Lane"
My Wedding Cake - 5th Feb 2000 - A walk down "Memory Lane"
If I was getting married today, my wedding cake would be sooooo different to this. When I made this cake, let me correct that, when I decorated this cake, hm, more like, when I put this cake together, I hadn't done any courses except for a buttercream course 7 years prior. I didn't own ANY fondant tools, so when I look at this cake I think, HOW did i manage to get it that smooth. Albeit it is not perfectly smooth, BUT consider that I didn't own a fondant smoother until around 2004 or2005!!!! The little hearts were cut out from fondant (Gumpaste?? what is that?? I would have told you at the time). The cutter was a little contraption that my gorgeous dad made for me in his garage with some aluminium sheets he had lying around. We washed it well before using ;). The first version of this cake, was covered in rough buttercream with two massively thick gold bows around each tier. I was going to give up until my mum suggested I used rolled fondant. I think that having the buttercream underneath made it easier to cover it with fondant and not get as many lumps as I did on my very first fondant cake about 8 years earlier. At the time I didn't even know how to make mud cakes, so I bought base cake (i think there was two in there) from The Cheesecake Shop, and the top cake, was two small mudcakes from Franklins. The whole thing cost me $70 to put together, including the silk flowers on top!!!! hahahahahahaha
Wedding flowers
Wedding flowers
After finally arriving to capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, we (me and my aunt) took a nap of two hours before heading out. Traveling from Helsinki via London, Heathrow to Dhaka had taken 22 hours and we were quite consumed by sitting in a plane continuously for 11 hours. Ricksaw-bicycle is the most common means of transportation in Bangladesh. India has a few of these as a touristical attraction in bigger cities, China has their style ricksaws with runner instead of bike, and my aunt who has been traveling a lot in Asia told me that Bangladesh is the only country with serious use of ricksaw. Rarely the one riding ricksaw owns the bike. Usually he has been hired on a ridiculously low cost wage to ride it; work force is a thing Bangladesh doesn`t lack, but about that I will tell much later. In huge need for money many boys and men are riding these in traffic conditions that are sometimes really scary. Orange flowers in the behind are wedding flowers for hindus. The official religion of Bangladesh is islam (88%) and the biggest minority is hindus (11%). Remaining one percent is divided among animistic tribal religions, buddhists and christians (mostly catholic).

cost for wedding flowers