About the Project:

Project Description 
The basic idea is to get 50 elementary school teachers, one from each state, to sign their classroom up to write and send a postcard from their state to each of the other teachers participating across the country. 
You send 49 postcards...                                                                You receive 49 postcards...          
How to Sign Up
To sign up, click on the link listed below.  This is a public document and if your state is not yet filled, enter your grade, school name, school address, teacher contact name, and teacher contact e-mail address.  Please do not take other teachers off if they have already signed up for your state. Your information will only be used to contact you regarding the project.  If you do not add your contact information, your name will be taken off the exchange.  This information is important for updates on the project throughout the year. Please report any misconduct on the site to lynwood360@yahoo.com .
 Examples of Appropriate Postcards
As educators, we need to be responsible for the information we expose our students to.  Please only send postcards that are wholesome and appropriate for elementary school students.  Postcards that have specific information about your state are required.  On the back of the card, you can write a special note about where your school is and something interesting about your school's location. 
 Suggestions for Materials and Organization
* Write a letter to Wal-Mart on school stationary and ask them if they would donate the post-cards for a "community donation".  I got all 49 cards for free! (It's best to ask at the beginning of the month before they run out of their donation amounts.
* Ask school business partners or your students' families to either buy or contribute to the purchase of a couple postcard stamps. 
* To display the project in your classroom, try making a bulletin board and connecting each postcard with the corresonding state using string.
* Print out your postcard message, including information about your state and class, on an adhesive label so it is easy to attach all 49 messages to the postcards and they won't tear off in the mail. 
                                                     You may contact me at lynwood360@yahoo.com