When the weather is picture perfect and an ordinary “nice” hike won’t do, that’s the time to refer to this book. The locations described in this book, in the western US and Canada, are all accessible by a day hike and are so amazing they’ll make your jaw drop. Many of the hikes in this book are also just a bit off the beaten path; they may not be empty, but they won’t be as crowded as the most popular hikes in the area either. 50 hikes are covered in full detail and another 60+ are briefly described:
  • California’s Sierra Nevada backcountry.
  • Colorful canyons and slickrock of southern Utah and Northern Arizona, home to six unique National Parks.
  • 4,000 foot high mountains of central Colorado.
  • Washington State, with three majestic volcanoes and more glaciers than the entire rest of the lower 48 states put together.
  • The British Columbia Coastal Range
  • The Canadian Rockies, with 6 National Parks close to the US border but looking much more like Alaska.
Features of each full hike description:
  • Basic stats (distance, altitude gained, time and effort required, when the snow melts)
  • Why this hike is worth your time, with a color photo
  • Advisories (things you should know so you are prepared for the hike)
  • Driving directions
  • Trail description
  • Trail log of key points with distance from start, altitude, and GPS coordinates
  • USGS or Canadian Topo map
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