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Fashion Design Sketches Templates

fashion design sketches templates
    fashion design
  • Fashion design is the art of the application of design and [[aesthetics]or natural beauty] to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.
  • (Fashion Designing) Is a profession for all those people who like to take the above defined seriously.Requires drive and unrelenting passion to understand the nuances of science,art and mathematics put together to make and stylize clothes.
  • The art dedicated to the creation of wearing apparel and lifestyle
  • A shaped piece of metal, wood, card, plastic, or other material used as a pattern for processes such as painting, cutting out, shaping, or drilling
  • (Template (file format)) The term document template when used in the context of file format refers to a common feature of many software applications that define a unique non-executable file format intended specifically for that particular application.
  • Something that serves as a model for others to copy
  • A preset format for a document or file, used so that the format does not have to be recreated each time it is used
  • (Template (Dungeons & Dragons)) In the Dungeons & Dragons game, a template can be applied to a creature to enhance its abilities or to even create a new type of creature.
  • (template) a model or standard for making comparisons
  • Perform (a gesture) with one's hands or body
  • (sketch) preliminary drawing for later elaboration; "he made several studies before starting to paint"
  • make a sketch of; "sketch the building"
  • Give a brief account or general outline of
  • Make a rough drawing of
  • (sketch) a brief literary description
fashion design sketches templates - Figure Templates
Figure Templates for Fashion Illustration: Over 150 Templates for Fashion Design
Figure Templates for Fashion Illustration: Over 150 Templates for Fashion Design
'Figure Templates for Fashion Illustration' is a useful tool, not only for fashion students but also students without an art background on multi-disciplinary courses, as well as those who simply want to improve their basic drawing skills. If you are full of ideas for fashion design but not confident when it comes to drawing figures it can be difficult to present your concepts on paper. This book provides the answer with templates of figures in movement, figures from all angles, full and three-quarter length poses, back views and front-on poses. The figures can be used as they are or as a guide to develop your own poses. Information on anatomy, figure proportions, fashion-figure proportions and suitable art material is also included.

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I drew this a while ago, wanting to make a Dia De Los Muertos themed tattoo sleeve. I abandoned the idea but I got the urge to possibly redo it & make it into a tat. yes? no? I hate using the avi mesh template -_- The drawing is 0.7mm mechanical pencil on computer paper, about 1.5" (~ 5cm) tall--so kind of messy this close up.
Fashion Divas set49
Fashion Divas set49
finished page The girl is made from old fashioned construction paper- like we used in grade school- I stamped this was various inks, cut out the clothes using a child's paper doll template. The head, hands and otehr striped parts are printed off my computer. Each page also has at least one paper butterfly and a paper flower.

fashion design sketches templates
fashion design sketches templates
Essential Fashion Illustration: Poses (Essential Fashion Illustrations:)
Learn how to draw posed figures for fashion illustration
This comprehensive reference provides hands-on techniques for created posed figures for fashion illustration. The first section illustrates various examples of nude and semi-nude poses (male and female). Later chapters illustrate the same poses wearing sportswear, sleepwear, dresses, suits, trousers, and casual and evening wear. The poses in each chapter are organized to show a progression including seated model (crossed legs, straight legs, seated on chair, seated on the floor); standing model (frontal view, three-quarter view, side-view from the back with crossed legs and straight legs); and moving model (running, walking, dancing). Each chapter begins with an introduction which is followed by images with detailed explanatory captions. With a focus on shape and form, the content covers marker and pencil techniques for a complete range of illustrated poses.

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