New Rides


 Ranger63 - Motobecane

Was truly skeptical that this 16.7 lb Moto would do anything more for my endurance or speed than the venerable 91 23 lb Paramount.
Well, I'm a believer now.
Rich McCarthy
Buffalo New York


Hermes - Cervelo R3

A few weeks ago, I pulled the trigger on a Cervelo R3. After test riding a few other bikes in the same class, I decided on the R3. I have ~ 500 miles on the bike and I have competed in three sanctioned races: the Mount Diablo Hill Climb 10K ITT and two 44 mile road races.

It is equipped with D/A except for the rear cassette which is SRAM red 11/26. The carbon cranks are a demo set of IRD while I determine which power meter I am going to get. It is between the Quarq and the Ergomo. It has carbon handlebars and an aluminum stem with carbon overlay. The pedals are the new D/A SPD-SL. The wheels are Bontrager Race XXX Lite OLCV Carbon Clinchers with Conti GP 4000s tires. For now, I have a wired Cateye electronics with cadence. The weight as pictured is ~15.9 pounds for a 58 cm frame.

I have the compact double 50/34 with the SRAM Red 11/26 10 speed cassette.

Metric Man - Trek Madone 4.5

I picked up a new Madone 4.5 yesterday. I have a perfectly good Trek SLR1600 but I do believe it is too big for me (56cm) so I tried on the Madone at 54cm and it fits much nicer. The carbon fiber is much nicer on the road, less jarring and in general just feels smoother. I got the compact crank set 50/34 and the 11-25 cassette. So far I think I'm going to like that set-up as well. The bike handles great, lightweight and responsive. The only complaint I have is the Bontrager Race saddle, which is the same one that I had on my 1600. It soon will join the one from the 1600 on the shelf as I replace it with the Specialized saddle I bought a couple of months ago.

Having a bike fit the way it should makes all the difference in the world. Today I only got in 18 miles but I did 63+ yesterday on the 1600 so this was just a day after ride for me. Over the next few days I'll try to get out and really run it but my first impressions are very satisfactory.

Mo-bile - 2008 Spec Roubaix Elite

After months of lusting, I took the plunge and got a 2008 Specialized Roubaix Elite Triple. Carbon everything, zertz everywhere, beautiful, light......sigh. Yes, my lust has turned to love and I couldn't be happier. I had a great bike store experience too, which was good since I had to travel 2 hours to get to the bike store. They did measuring, fitting, tweaking, swapping, extended test ride and gave me a good price to boot. And before anybody says anything, I'm aware of the photo rule so I will be posting pictures soon.

kmel7771 - New Look

After bad advice by one LBS resulting in a very expensive mistake I passed my ill fitting Madone 4.5 to a new home. I am sure a person with a different build will appriciate this bike more than I did.

I have since changed bike shops and with the help of their great staff I finally got my dream ride put together. Been a long time since I had such a good fitting bike.

Frame is a Look 585 Optimum with all D/A except for the FSA SL-K Carbon Crank and Mega Expo Ceramic Bottom Bracket. Ritchey Matrix Carbon Stem and Evolution Bars, Easton EC90 Carbon Seat Post, my Red Sella Italia SLR Gel Flow from my previous ride, a Mavic WinTech ES Computer, Mavic Ksyrium ES Wheels, Conti GP 4000 Tires, BBB Carbon Bottle Brackets and Keo Sprint Pedals

After my first short ride all I can say is what a dream. I was in such a rush to ride it after I got home that I forgot my gloves. Since we used some Fizik gel under the Red Fizik tape together with this superb carbon frame and full carbon fork I hardly missed my gloves.

Thanks to everyone on this forum for their help with some of my more inane questions as I performed my due diligence the second time around. The questions may have seemed weird but there is a method to my madness.

By the way, One of the things I learned is that there is a vast difference in release force between the Ultegra SPD-SL pedal and the Look Keo Sprint. If you have knees like mine that have seen a dislocation or two in the past, you will appreciate the ease of exiting out of the Keo. Regardless of how the Shimano's were adjusted, they were much harder to get out of.

Beverly - 2008 Trek 520

I stopped at the LBS today and picked up the new bike...Trek 520. I love it! Of course it's black

It's currently resting in the family room since it's cold in the garage I still have a few things to do before I take it for a ride. I need to add the water cages, tool kit, trunk bag and adjust the seat. I'll give the Bontrager saddle a chance but I have a Brooks in the garage that I think will look good on this one.

I've decided to sell the 1800C as I've only put 50 miles on it in the last two years. No sense in letting a good bike sit in the garage. Besides it's just a tad too big for me

sojourn - Felt z25

Felt Z25 Carbon, Shimano Dura-Ace FD, RD, Brifters, Shimano FC-R700 crank set, Ksyrium Equipe wheels, $200.00 off MSRP...........nuff said!


big john - NG XC-604 Mountain Bike

Got a KHS 4 inch travel bike and stuck a 5 inch fork on it, (misguided upgrade). Still have to dial in the fit, seatpost, stem, and the suspension setings. As it is, it is so fast over rocks and washboard that it makes me worry that I might not be able to control myself. Took it out today after work on some local fire roads and a little singletrack.



Velodiva - 2008 Orbea Ordu Time Trial

Velodiva and I have been working on this dream TT bike for many months. This week we took delivery of a 2008 Orbea Ordu Time Trial bike for Velodiva. It is totally wicked and everyone who has seen it in person is blown away (including us) by the technology and frame design. Demitriy, Velodiva’s cycling coach said, “this is a bike to set records with”. The frame and fork are carbon and the build was designed to use carbon to the max. It has Easton carbon TT aerobars that match the weave of the carbon frame with carbon brake levers and a carbon saddle with titanium rails. The crankset 53/39, brakes and derailleur are Dura Ace and the rear cassette is an 11/23 10 speed. The wheels are Easton carbons tubulars with Swiss Stop brake pads. The pedals are the newly designed Dura Ace SPD SL. To assist Velodiva in modulating speed in team time trials, there is a third brake lever by HED that controls the front brake via a splitter.


cranky old dude - 2004 Sun EZ Tandem Recumbent

So what weighs 59 lbs., has a 91 inch wheelbase and is
human powered? Well we bought one, used. It's a 2004
model without a scratch on it. It seems mechanically
excellent and comes with a rear rack, trunk, computer,
mirror and a couple bottle cages. Below is a stock photo
of one the same color as ours. We expect to take delivery
on it on Friday evening.


SaiKaiTai - Giant OCR

I was restless last night... the nerves were tight... did I really know what I was doing?
I jumped out of bed this morning and looked out the window. Yes!
A more beautiful Spring morning could not be...

Ate, drank some coffee.
Went out to the garage and pulled the Brooks off of the LeMond. Goodbye my friend.

Drove into the City in a dream. Did I really know what I was doing? Wait! I said that already.
The set the Giant up for me, threw on my Brooks. Everything was exactly as I wanted it.
She said, "You want to take it out for a bit and see if it's right?"
I asked if she wanted my credit card. "No, I trust you"
I took it out, it was right. I went back and paid for it. Ohmygawd... it's mine

And off I went.
Pretty much the same loop I did on Saturday only this time I crossed the bridge when I same to it.
It was a bit breezy and chilly when I started but as I got rolling, I didn't even notice anymore.
I was afraid that it would feel different -somehow wrong- after I paid. No. It felt right. Really, really right.

I went back to the shop to get my stuff they were holding for me and I sort of felt like I was supposed to give the bike back to them. I mean, that's how it went the last two times I rode it. But not this time.

No regrets.

That's my story, I'm sticking to it.

Here are some shots from the day.


BluesDawg - 2008 Stumpjumper FSR Comp

After dragging everyone here through the months long process of deciding what kind of bike to buy and many changes of heart along the way, I am happy to report that I believe I ended up making the right choice. I had good reasons to consider other types of bike, but a full suspension MTB, and the 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp in particular, is really going to work out for me.
I met some friends at Dauset Trails near Jackson, GA to try the bike on my favorite singletrack trails. I have ridden these trails many times on a hardtail bike and on a fully rigid bike. It would be a good way to judge how the new bike felt and handled. The trails are mostly smooth and rolling but there are enough rocks, roots and fairly technical climbs and descents to keep things interesting and to test the bike. The trails were in great shape and the weather was perfect, sunny and mid 60s.
I felt at home on the bike right away. It fits me very well and it handled predictably, no big adjustments for me to make. I will need a few more rides before I feel confident enough to really stick the turns hard on this new machine, but it didn't do anything to scare me. The rear suspension really made the trail feel a lot smoother. I usually need to stop a couple of times to stretch my back during a ride at Dauset, but not today. I have never had my back feel so good after a 15 mile singletrack ride as it did today. That was one of the main reasons I decided to go full squishy and it seems like a direct hit on that mark.
Another main reason was to be able to go harder and faster through rough sections of trail and bumpy downhills. The bike certainly did not disappoint on that point. I was able to ride cleanly through sections that have always given me trouble before. Not having to fight the wheels bouncing out of control made riding rocks and roots much more pleasant. There is one really fast downhill section with a few rough parts and little rises and drops that I have always wanted to ride fast but kept holding back because my bikes were barely hanging on the edge of control. I was afraid to really let them go for fear of bouncing off the trail into a tree. Today on the Stumpy I let it rip and had a ball. The suspension kept it all in line. I went a few inches airborne a couple of times and the landings were very smooth and controlled.

Yen - Roubaix Expert Triples x 2

The search is over. Today we pulled the trigger on two Roubaix Expert Triples. Mine is the same one I rode week before last (brand new, I'm the only rider), and Hubby's will arrive at the shop mid-week.

I rode mine again today when we returned the C'dales. The owner put on a different stem which put my hands about an inch closer to me. He and I went for a ride and I immediately felt the difference. Aaaaaahhhhhhh, we're getting there! I was also happy to notice that I am over the initial way-too-stretched-out feeling I had on the first ride 2 weeks ago. Our ride last weekend was cut short only due to my shoe being WAY too tight even after lacing it looser (I've since exchanged them for the non-WSD version).... otherwise, I could have ridden longer, and I had no pain or stiffness later that day or the next day.

Hubby tested a 61cm Allez with a different stem angled higher, and came back smiling. With the taller head tube that comes on the Roubaix and narrower bars (recommended by the fitter), he now knows that with the proper adjustments, he'll be happy on the 61cm Roubaix. He has studied the numbers and his instincts about feeling better on the next size bike have been right all along (he's all legs).

The bikes should arrive next week and we may have them by next Saturday. The fitter will do a quick fitting on the trainer before we take them home. Then, he recommends that we ride 200-300 miles to get acclimated on these bikes before he does the full computerized fitting, since I am moving from a hybrid. I completely agree with that philosophy. Later, I'll consider clipless and they said I could learn on the trainer in the shop.

I can't say enough about how great this shop has been. The owner has been out front the whole time and very actively involved in setting up the bikes, changing bars and stems, getting us fitted as best as possible on a trainer before sending us home with them, loaning them to us for free, and even making a stop at our house after work to make a small adjustment on one of them. They offer free lifetime maintenance on the bikes and even offered to take them to the shop himself when they need it. He said fit is primary (I already knew that, but it's great to hear that's the owner's philosophy as well), and promised that they will get us fitted so that the bikes fit us like a glove.

My new steed........ On mine, the tires have red side walls... not sure if I want to keep those or change out to all black. I'd hate to detract from the beautiful frame, the beauty of which is not captured by the photo.

Tom Bombadil - 2006 Fuji Absolute 1.0

The end of the world could happen at any moment, for I, even I, Tom Bombadil, have finally broken down and purchased a brand new bicycle.

They said it couldn't be done.

They said the universe would collapse onto itself.

They said there would be a warm day in Wisconsin in January.

They said DG would turn over in his grave.

Yet it still happened. I couldn't hold out any longer. Between the enjoyment I had in test riding on the bike, combined with its dwindling availability and yet another price drop on it, I had to pull the trigger.

It's the 2006 Fuji Absolute 1.0 (V2) that I've posted about before. A largely road-oriented flat bar hybrid. They were down to the last 2 in my size and the prices were dropped for a clearance sale this week. I'm having them swap some of the parts, it should be available to be picked up in a couple of days.

The particulars:

Aluminum frame with carbon fork & carbon seat stays

Swapped out aluminum seat post for carbon post

10-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain w/105 derailleurs, 12-27 cassette, and Shimano SL-R770 rapid fire shifters (which normally sell for $150-$180)

FSA Giga X-pipe 52/39/30 crankset with 170mm crank arms (being swapped onto bike from a smaller frame Fuji)

Conti Contact 700x32 tires (swapped out the stock Vittoria 700x28s)

Weight: 20.5 pounds

Color: "Quicksilver" which is a very light silver - not my favorite but okay.

Lifetime warranty on bike (except for tires, saddle, grips).

Two free tuneups, no expiration date

Lifetime free adjustments and installations of accessories.

Final price, including all swaps: $794. Original list in 2006 was $1210, before dollar devaluation and, obviously, not including the upgrades.

No pics, here's what Fuji had on their web page in 2006.

I was stuck wavering between this bike and a modded Specialized Globe Pro. Liked both bikes a lot. The Globe is a more rugged bike. The Globe has mountain bike components and lower gearing, but weighed a whopping 5 pounds more, even with carbon fork, stays, and seat post.

In the end I decided to go with the bike that was more fun riding on asphalt than the one that was more all-purpose. I already have two all-purpose bikes & the Fuji is decent on rough surfaces.

I will be swapping out the stem and handlebars after I get it home - for a stem that is a bit shorter and higher and for bars with a bit of rise (37.5 mm).

rainycamp - 2008 Specialized Allez Elite Compact

 It seems a lot of 50+'ers are getting new bikes these days. I'll add myself to the list. I had to find something to replace my old steel two-ton bike. Found a Specialized Allez Elite Compact that came in under budget, including pedals, seat bag, bottle cages and bottles. Wanted to go with a Roubaix, but it was just too pricey. The lightness of the new bike compared to the old is mind blowing.



TruF - 2007 Ruby Expert Triple

Pulled the trigger. 2007 51 Ruby Expert Triple for $2,000. Test rode the 2008 Ruby Expert in my size. Although a much lighter bike may not mean much to a 200# man, it makes quite a difference to a 125# woman. Zoom-zoom-zoom! And it has an adjustable stem that can be configured to four different heights. It may be too much bike for this rider, but it's MY too much bike now! Club rides, here I come.

Pictures when I pick it up in two weeks. (The picture I posted is a double that I snagged from the Web.)

Thanks, everybody!!!! You have been so helpful and supportive.

DigitalGee - Grabs Another Freebie

That's two new bikes this week.






DivingBiker - Joins the Fray with a $60 Bridgestone MB-4 Find







Geez, all three of these put together cost less than my saddle!


DigitalGee and Solveg - Pick Up Some Graigs List Finds on the Cheap

DGs Fuji Thrill








Solvegs Scott









Stapfam - New TCR

This is number two this year.













Ain't she pretty!!!!

After I put some miles on these wheels they'll probably be replaced; looking at getting a pair of Mavic ES wheels down the road. I wouldn’t mind having a FSA K-wing handlebar (or something similar) eventually either. I have some red/white splash bar tape that I think will spruce her up just a bit after the white gets worn. Other than that I like her the way she is.











george - Specialized Roubaix Triple Elite












donheff - Specialized Tricross Comp (Him and His Wife)

My wife and I bought new bikes at the LBS today. We settled on Specialized Tricross Comps. We ride unpaved rail trails as well as roads and are more interested in efficiency than racing so we like the cross bikes. We have them fitted out with racks and light weight packs so we can carry a pile of sh** along. The Comp model has carbon forks and seat post and Shimano 105 gears. Felt great on the test rides compared to our old Specialized Crossroads.

Until we get used to the bikes we will not be using clips but I welcome suggestions on what would be a good clipless system to start out on. Neither of us has used clips. I think we would prefer shoes we can walk in.

tsl - Trek Portland







wobblyoldgeezer - Rocky Mountain Solo-50st






cranky old dude - Sun EZ Sport







solveg - Classic Mondonico






Digital Gee - 2007 Specialized Roubaix (Ruby)

BlueMtn006 - 2007 Kona Dew

Stapfam - 2007 Boreas custom built

The Boreas Ignis is sold as a Frame and fork Package and contrary to current trends, this is an Aluminium frame. A very light Aluminium frame. The geometry is set as a race bike so is not the ideal bike for a newbie. It is made in Holland by a very small manufacturer that has also used some very innovative engineering techniques in the production so this is not a cheap frame and fork. Good point for the poseurs- this is not a bike that stands out with its looks. But on the ride quality it is superb.

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I had it built up using a mixture of Shimano 105 and Ultegra parts but with an eye to keeping the weight down within economic restraints. The final weight was 15lbs and ½ oz as a bare bike so it is lightweight. The wheels do give a harsh ride- Ultegra fitted with Vrederstein Fortezzia tyres at 140 psi, but all road shock is taken away with the Lightweight carbon forks and seatpost. Crankset is a Truvativ Elita Compact and although it does not offer low enough gearing in comparison to a triple is still suitable for the hills in the area I currently ride. Whether it will be low enough for the European Mountains next year is still to be found so a Change to a Triple may still be on the cards. The finish on the bike by the way, is hard anodising and has proved to be scratch resistant.


Now as to the ride- Comfort is good. The C.F. Fork and seat post do their job well. Handling- well it depends on what you want but for general road use this is good.  This is the smallest frame made at 51 Cms. And I have had to Flip the stem to raise the bars an inch or so. Still leaves the bars well below the saddle but is comfortable. As to whether it works- It has raised my average speed by around 2 mph for a ride and it still goes up hills. What more do I want? Even comfort after a 60-mile ride is there so an improvement over the Sports geometry Giant I was using before. All I have to find now is the time to get the extra rides in that this bike deserves.


HopedaleHills - 2007 BMC Streetfire SSX






SaiKaiTai - 2007 Lemond Reno







cgallagh and Red Rider

2006 Co-Motion custom built Roadster ridden less than 100 miles in a year, Wound up carbon fiber fork, Avid rear disc brake, Thudbuster stoker post, Rolf Vigor tandem wheelset, custom fade paint job.




momof4greatkids - 2007 Serotta Fierte







Halfast - 2007 Fuji Team RC

fopianki - 2007 Trek Fuel EX6