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Tools To Remove Carpet

tools to remove carpet
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Most of the major renovation work is completed at the Clear Meadows house. Hooray. Walls down, fireplace removed, patio sliding doors installed. But all in all an extremely busy time and I was very fortunate to have craftsmen come and do the work in a timely manner. All that is left to do is painting of a few rooms, have new carpet installed and start moving in. Hopefully the moving will be done by the middle of September. I would like to be officially in by my birthday, the 24th....P.S. This is a Polaroid SX70 print I tooled over a few days. These large lamps hang in Wynn's Casino in Las Vegas. They are huge!
Piss Rug
Piss Rug
Let no good deed go unpunished. My boss asked me and a coworker to take a carpet from a friend of his' house. When we got to the house, the basement was flooded, full of mildew and mold, and to top it off the pet urine had come to the surface of the rug. We carried it out to my truck and threw it away in the shop dumpster. I had to remove everything out of the truck, then mop the floor, wipe down our tools and repack it the next day after everything dried. This is BEFORE mopping, all carpet yuck..

tools to remove carpet
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