Thick Gold Necklaces

thick gold necklaces
  • (necklace) jewelry consisting of a cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn about the neck as an ornament (especially by women)
  • A necklace is an article of jewellery which is worn around the neck. Necklaces are frequently formed from a metal jewellery chain, often attached to a locket or pendant.
  • (Necklace (combinatorics)) In combinatorics, a k-ary necklace of length n is an equivalence class of n-character strings over an alphabet of size k, taking all rotations as equivalent. It represents a structure with n circularly connected beads of up to k different colors.
  • (chiefly in South Africa) Kill (someone) with a tire necklace
  • In or with deep, dense, or heavy mass
  • midst: the location of something surrounded by other things; "in the midst of the crowd"
  • having component parts closely crowded together; "a compact shopping center"; "a dense population"; "thick crowds"; "a thick forest"; "thick hair"
  • thickly: with a thick consistency; "the blood was flowing thick"
  • A deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown color
  • coins made of gold
  • made from or covered with gold; "gold coins"; "the gold dome of the Capitol"; "the golden calf"; "gilded icons"
  • A yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued esp. for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies
  • amber: a deep yellow color; "an amber light illuminated the room"; "he admired the gold of her hair"
  • An alloy of this
thick gold necklaces - Thick Gold
Thick Gold Tone Chain Link Necklace Dangle Earrings Set
Thick Gold Tone Chain Link Necklace Dangle Earrings Set
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Get noticed with this pretty necklace around your neck! The necklace is made of a gold tone metal that is hypoallergenic and is braided into links that are attached to one another. A simply great look all around!

Condition: New
Material: Hypoallergenic Lead and Nickel-free metal
Gram Weight: 137.7


We carry various lengths of most of our chain necklaces with price differences. Please contact us for more information.

Item Disclaimer:

All images of our items are NOT in actual size. They may have been enhanced to better represent the item in a more detailed way. Please refer to the Product Details for all other item details such as measurement, weight, etc. All measurement and weight information provided on each item are approximate and may differ to the actual item, due to high-volume inventory.

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Indian Summer Nights Necklace 02
Indian Summer Nights Necklace 02
This is my entry for the EtsyBeadWeavers September Challenge – Indian Summer Dream. As soon as I read the challenge theme I thought of these colours and created this gorgeous asymmetrical collar. The striped portion of the necklace is beadwoven entirely with Swarovski crystal pearls in Bordeaux, Bright Gold and Mystic Black. The band, which has a slight wave, is woven onto a gorgeous beadembroided Carnelian cabochon which is surrounded by gold Japanese seed beads and Mystic Black Swarovski pearls. On the other side of the cabochon there are 4 gorgeous strands of genuine Burgandy Biwa Pearls, Mystic Black Swarovski crystal pearls, and Japanese gold seed beads. There are over 500 Swarovski crystal pearls in this stunning piece!!! The toggle of the closure is a Biwa pearl and the loop is made with the Japanese seed beads. The bead-embroidered Carnelian cabochon measures 2” (5 cm) by 1 ?”(4 cm). The beadwoven striped band is 1 ?” (4 cm) thick. The neckline measures 17” (43 cm).
Emerald Queen - Necklace
Emerald Queen - Necklace
This gorgeous, sparkly, elegant necklace was created during one of my turquoise/green and gold periods. The centre piece was bead-embroidered and bead-woven using a variety of green Swarovski crystals in 3 different sizes to form the petal-like shapes around a stunning emerald vintage Swarovski square cabochon. The cabochon is lined at the back with teal ultrasuede. The chain is bead-woven in green and gold Japanese seed beads using the St. Petersburg chain stitch which gives it this lovely pattern. The centrepiece measures 2” (c. 5 cm) in diameter and is ?” (c. 1.5 cm) thick. The necklace measures c. 18 ?” (c. 48 cm) and is finished off with a gold-plated clasp.

thick gold necklaces
thick gold necklaces
Lion Brand Yarn 640-131B Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn, Grass
Wool-Ease Thick and Quick is the super bulky member of the Wool-Ease family; Perfect for extra warm sweaters, jackets, vests, slippers and hats; It's an ideal beginner yarn; Solids, Heathers, Twists: 80-Percent Acrylic, 20-Percent Wool; Oatmeal, Barley, Grey Marble, Wheat: 86-Percent Acrylic, 10-Percent Wool, 4-Percent Rayon; It has the feel, warmth and softness of wool with the easy care of acrylic; Machine wash; Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F; Dry Clean, any solvent; No bleach product may be used; A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting; Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron; Weight Category: 6 Super Bulky: Bulky, Roving Yarn; 6-Ounce (170 g), 106 yd (97 m); Each skein measures approximately 8-1/2 by 3-3/4 by 3-3/4-Inch

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