Gold Mens Pendants

gold mens pendants
  • A light designed to hang from the ceiling
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  • A necklace with such a piece of jewelry
  • (pendant) chandelier: branched lighting fixture; often ornate; hangs from the ceiling
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gold mens pendants - Murano Style
Murano Style Glass Silver Foil Turquoise Leaf Pendant #3
Murano Style Glass Silver Foil Turquoise Leaf Pendant #3
BEAUTIFUL MURANO STYLE FOILED GLASS. . REAL SILVER AND COPPER FOIL PENDANT. WITH AN AQUA BLUE AND BROWN PATTERN. This beautiful leaf pendant glimmers with the light reflective quality of the genuine Silver and Copper foil that is sandwiched inside the colored glass. These pendants are handmade, so while they are all very similar, they may not be exactly identical to the photo. Colors will be the same. Patterns approximately the same. See second photo for a side view of the hanging loop. Quantity: 1 Leaf Pendant. Approximate Measurements: 60-62mm long, 32-34mm wide, 5mm thick. Inner diameter of hanging loop is approximately 5mm. Hand made in China.

85% (19)
Mens Rainforest Jasper Gemstone Pendant Necklace
Mens Rainforest Jasper Gemstone Pendant Necklace
This Mens Rainforest Jasper Gemstone Pendant is a lovely Forest Green,Earth Brown and light cream.The focal pendant has a high polish and is Gorgeous.The necklace has Black glass cubes with tiny silver plate beads alternating each bead. Jobe Seeds show up very well in this design and provide added interest. Dark green glass beads with tiny Gold accents ties the Green of the pendant to the necklace. A Silver plate bail and Silver plate Brass lobster claw clasp completes this design. The pendant measures approximately 2 and 5/8 inches long by 1 1/2 inches across and the necklace is 20 inches long.
Mens 24k gold plated $ dollar pendant hip hop
Mens 24k gold plated $ dollar pendant hip hop
Brand new gold plated diamond cut pendant. High polished finish, heavy plated with 100 mills of gold. Pendant Size : W 1.7” x H 2.6” Weight : 50 grams Extras!: Includes a free 30" matching necklace Quality : Lifetime against tarnish, this chain will not lose it's colour

gold mens pendants
gold mens pendants
Vintaj Natural Brass Rustic Altered Blank Circle Pendants 25mm (4)
Vintaj® Natural Brass. Rustic Series. Altered Blank Circle Pendant. 25mm Diameter. Quantity Of 4. Vintaj Product Code : P292. This nickel and lead-free item is made of a lovely antique style brass. From the Rustic series, this blank flat circle pendant is quite versatile. Layer, drill, embellish - the possibilities are endless! The "Rustic" series was artfully designed to achieve a weatherworn appearance, emulating dramatic aging through unique conditions. The appearance of each piece is unique and may not be uniform. Quantity: 4 Blank Pendants. Measurements: Approximately 25mm Diameter, 1mm Hole. Check out the rest of our Vintaj® brass beads, findings, and chains! About Vintaj® 100% Natural Brass. Vintaj® natural brass pieces feature a rich, distinctive caramel brown color similar to vintage brass. The Vintaj® process is eco-friendly, enhancing the natural beauty of the brass. These products are not antique plated or chemically treated. They are nickel and lead-free. . Due to the careful, hand process used on each Vintaj® piece, every finding has its own unique color and luster. It is the subtle differences in color that give these findings such depth and dimension.

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