Cheap Gold Cocktail Dresses

cheap gold cocktail dresses
    cocktail dresses
  • (cocktail dress) a dress suitable for formal occasions
  • (Cocktail dress) a short knee-length dress, normally made from luxurious materials as satin, silk and velvet. The dresses are usually cut to reveal the shoulders and arms and are normally worn for parties/ evening events.
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cheap gold cocktail dresses - Gorgeous Prom
Gorgeous Prom Lycra Mini Dress With Sparkling Sequins Available Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 6
Gorgeous Prom Lycra Mini Dress With Sparkling Sequins Available Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 6
Available Sizes: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. Please let seller know the size you need via Amazon message (contact seller). Size Chart can be found in the product description and the product image.

Size Chart - Women

Size: XS/US. 0, To Fit Bust: 31"-32" (78.7-81.3 cm), Waist: 23"-24" (58.4-61 cm), Hips: 33.5"-34.5" (85.1-87.6 cm)

Size: XS/US. 2, To Fit Bust: 32"-33" (81.3-83.8 cm), Waist: 24"-25" (61-63.5 cm), Hips: 34.5"-35.5" (87.6-90.2 cm)

Size: S/US. 4, To Fit Bust: 33"-34" (83.8-86.3 cm), Waist: 25"-26" (63.5-66 cm), Hips: 35.5"-36.5" (90.2-92.7 cm)

Size: S/US. 6, To Fit Bust: 34"-35" (86.3-88.9 cm), Waist: 26"-27" (66-68.6 cm), Hips: 36.5"-37.5" (92.7-95.2 cm)

Size: M/US. 8, To Fit Bust: 35"-36" (88.9-91.4 cm), Waist: 27"-28" (68.6-71.1 cm), Hips: 37.5"-38.5" (95.2-97.8 cm)

Size: M/US. 10, To Fit Bust: 36"-37" (91.4-94 cm), Waist: 28"-29" (71.1-73.7 cm), Hips: 38.5"-39.5" (97.8-100.3 cm)

Size: L/US. 12, To Fit Bust: 37.5"-38.5" (95.2-97.8 cm), Waist: 30"-31" (76.2-78.7 cm), Hips: 40"-41" (101.6-104.1 cm)

Size: L/US. 14, To Fit Bust: 39"-40" (99.1-101.6 cm), Waist: 31"-32" (78.7-81.3 cm), Hips: 41.5"-42.5" (105.4-108 cm)

Size: XL/US. 16, To Fit Bust: 40.5"-41.5" (102.9-105.4 cm), Waist: 32.5"-33.5" (82.6-85.1 cm), Hips: 43"-44" (109.2-111.8 cm)

Size: XL/US. 18, To Fit Bust: 41.5"-42.5" (105.4-107.9 cm), Waist: 33.5"-34.5" (85.1-87.6 cm), Hips: 44"-45" (111.8-114.3 cm)

Size: XXL/US. 20, To Fit Bust: 42.5"-43.5" (107.9-110.5 cm), Waist: 34.5"-35.5" (87.6-90.2 cm), Hips: 45"-46" (114.3-116.8 cm)

Size: XXL/US. 22, To Fit Bust: 43.5"-44.5" (110.5-113 cm), Waist: 35.5"-36.5" (90.2-92.7 cm), Hips: 46"-47" (116.8-119.4 cm)

Size: 3XL/US. 24, To Fit Bust: 45"-46" (114.3-116.8 cm), Waist: 37"-38" (94-96.5 cm), Hips: 47.5"-48.5" (120.6-123.2 cm)

Size: 3XL/US. 26, To Fit Bust: 46"-47", Waist: 38"-39", Hips: 48.5"-49.5"

75% (6)
Akari's favorite 15
Akari's favorite 15
I did things a little differently--just scroll over the different wardrobe pieces in the pic to find out more about them. (I added notes to the photo). This is Akari (originally a Chill, now sporting a custom face-up by Buff). Akari's family is wealthy--her father is a successful banker in Japan, and her ancestors were famous samurai. She is proud of her Japanese heritage and is very interested in Asian culture. Her boyfriend is a descendent of ninja and since historically, samurai & ninja were enemies, Akari thinks of herself in a modern-day Romeo & Juliet love story. She loves kimono, Asian prints, cherry blossoms, vibrant reds and wa-loli style. She hopes to one day get a wa-loli outfit from keely's cute kimono. (that's her grail outfit, LOL). So eventually, her favorites will change...and I'll have to upload a new updated photo. FTW, her wig is by Leeke, and she is still on her type 3 body. Credit for her face-up goes to Buff. All I did was add long glittery lashes to her lids. I have more dolls...and I'll get to them eventually. :) The other Pullip girls are waiting for some wardrobe pieces to arrive.
Ramiro el Gallero
Ramiro el Gallero
GALLERO Scouting through Gallera's arena is not an easy task. There's an atmosphere of power, violence and tackiness that embodies popular cock-a-doodle-doo. Gallero's pride is as they dress: elegant but cheap. Youngsters wear expensive crocodile leather boots with a cocktail of fake brand accessories showing of a stunning macho attitude. Ramiro is a young gallero that loves money, aguardiente and voluptuous ladies; for him his cock is a made of 24 k gold. Bogota ©MARIAELENAMATALLANA2011

cheap gold cocktail dresses
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