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Kathy Van Zeeland Studded Satchel

kathy van zeeland studded satchel
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kathy van zeeland studded satchel - Blue Chic
Blue Chic Office Tote Soft Leatherette Embossed Ostrich Double Handle Satchel Handbag Shoulder Bag w/Detachable Strap
Blue Chic Office Tote Soft Leatherette Embossed Ostrich Double Handle Satchel Handbag Shoulder Bag w/Detachable Strap
No matter day or night, this satchel is just right. With the designer inspired design, this Soft Ostrich-embossed leatherette textured exterior that really stands out. The zip top office tote bag is embellished with a key lock adornment in front of the roomy zippered compartment. Belted sides further accentuate the structured of this handbag. Rolled double handles are perfect for carry by hand, while the detachable strap convert it to a shoulder bag and keep your hands free. Fully lined main compartment features zippered wall pocket and two open flap pockets keeping your cell phone or lipstick organized. Practical and chic medium satchel has so much to offer. It is a great way to get an expensive looking handbag without paying out of this world prices. 3 colors to choose from.
*Due to monitor variations colors may appear slightly different.*

78% (12)
New studs for the power reverse gear.
Studded Black Leather Belts
Studded Black Leather Belts
Studded Black Leather Belts

kathy van zeeland studded satchel
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