Coleman Hot Cold Cooler

coleman hot cold cooler
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MFE-29 Cold Heat Soldering Tool
MFE-29  Cold Heat Soldering Tool
The Coleman Powermate Cold Heat Soldering Tool is an award winning deisgn that revolutionizes the soldering industry, for Hobbyists, DIY-ers, Technicians, Electricians, Engineers and the Military! 1. Heats and cools almost instantly - reaches 800? in about 1 second 2. Very safe-tip hot only during active soldering cools almost instantly 3. The Cold Heat Soldering Tool will perform with regular, lead-free, or silver-based solder 18 AWG to 24 AWG, with best performance between 18 AWG and 20 AWG. 4. Cordless / battery operated 5. Uses 4 replaceable alkaline AA battery (not included) 6. Create over 70 solder points per battery pack 7. Independent lighting function 8. Convenient carrying case included.
Cold War Kids
Cold War Kids
Cold War Kids performing at La Zona Rosa at SXSW in Austin, TX. March 15, 2007. ©Francine Daveta / Retna Ltd.

coleman hot cold cooler
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