Pictures of airsoft guns : Cheap airsoft aeg rifles

Pictures Of Airsoft Guns

pictures of airsoft guns
    airsoft guns
  • Airsoft guns are replica firearms that propel plastic pellets by way of compressed gas or a spring-driven piston.
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pictures of airsoft guns - 937 UHC
937 UHC 4 inch revolver, Black airsoft gun
937 UHC 4 inch revolver, Black airsoft gun
UHC model UA-937. This beautiful, full-size handgun holds 6 rounds of BBs in lifelike replica shells! Pop open the cylinder and pop in the shells, just like the real thing, and fire all six shots with one hand, just like the movies.... 1:1 scale cylinder swivel, loads like a real gun cocking of the spring piston by the hammer rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation colored front sight 6 round cylinder press the hammer for chambering, actions the same way as the real gun gun body and grip have satin finish ... Length: 232 mm (9.13 inches) Weight: 361 grams (0.79 lbs) Power: .4 Joules (.295 ft-lbs) Spring Powered Hop-up System Orange muzzle...

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Reach Out and Touch Someone Guns
Reach Out and Touch Someone Guns
Used predominantly for accurate shooting at the maximum ranges allowed by an airsoft gun, these are the guns I like to use to reach out and touch someone, if you get my drift. The top one, a UTG M324 Master Sniper Rifle with Leapers Mil-Dot Scope, is about forty-one inches long, and quite fun to shoot. More fun to shoot is the other gun in the picture, an Echo 1 M16 DMR. Whereas the top gun is bolt-action, the lower one is both semi and fully automatic; on full-auto, it can spit out more than 800 rounds per minute. Measuring just under forty inches, and with a twenty inch inner barrel, this beast is a good friend of mine. By the way, what you see in the picture is an airsoft gun; a toy if you will. They are in no way real firearms, and when used safely are entirely safe, even when used in a sport like paintball. In fact, that is usually how they are used; they're designed specifically to be able to shoot other human beings yet in no way harm them permanently. In responsible hands, an airsoft gun is no more dangerous than a golf club in yours.
Gun and Magazine
Gun and Magazine
I wish I could load that magazine right now, stick it in the gun, and let the plastic soar but there are two things deterring me from that course of action. Number one is that this gun is presumably broken; at the very least it is missing half the grip, which might be the piece used to keep the black bar on the gun steady (see other pictures for more detail). If that's all that's wrong with this airsoft pistol, then it wouldn't be good to simply hold the bar in place with my hand while the slide rams backwards. Reason number two that I cannot simply load and fire the gun is that I don't own a propane adaptor, so there's no way to power this airsoft gun. Woe is me. A friend gave this airsoft GBB to my brother, who in turn gave it to me; I'm not sure, but I think it's one of those "if you can fix it, you can have it" moments.

pictures of airsoft guns
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