Freezer Vans For Sale

freezer vans for sale
    for sale
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Crafter Fridge
Crafter Fridge
This is an Ex-Contract, one owner VW Crafter Refrigerated Van in White with Overnight Standby and a VW comprehensive Service History. The specification includes: 2.5 TDI 109bhp Turbo Diesel, 6 Speed Gearbox, A.B.S. Brakes, Remote Central Locking / Immobiliser, Electric Windows, Radio C.D. Player, Dual Passenger Seat and a Side-Load Door. Complete with: A Hubbard 460 AEL Fridge / Freezer Unit for operating temperatures of +3* to -5* centigrade with Overnight Standby (single phase electrics). This excellent Crafter is supplied with VW Birmingham Service History, a New VW Engine fitted at 90,000 miles under Warranty and a total mileage of 180,000 mies. The Fridge Unit has just been fully serviced and will additionally include on sale: A full service using all VW Filters and a full m.o.t. This Crafter represents 'exceptional, unbeatable value at this price!!' Competitive finance offered, see website for details, major credit cards accepted, delivery to your premises. ?10,450+VAT
Van Collection
Van Collection
My ever-growing van collection. I was in the process of moving it and decided to get it all together and get a couple pictures. Some of my favorites are the radio controlled 'Thunder Van', the 'Joker Van', and the Schaper clicker (which is shaped like a CB mic) controlled 'Max Van'. Sadly the clicker no longer has any effect on the van. I have a M.A.S.K. volcano van on they way. Some of the vans I'd really like to get are the Cox gas van (any of the models), the 'straight arrow' radio controlled van (pretty much any r/c van actually -haha), and 70's Dodge van fiberglass go-kart (or even just the body), the Toy Biz punisher van, and many many more of course. I would like to make a WYLD STALLYNS van, and a Silence of the Lambs van. And paint a radio controlled one to match my Dodge Tradesman! If there are any van items you think I should see, please let me know. 60' and 70's American vans are my favorite. My '78 Dodge Tradesman is on my photostream quite a few times.

freezer vans for sale