Digital Citizenship

According to the definition of digital citizenship is “The quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities.”

Digital Citizenship is not that different, or at least it shouldn't be, from every day life. Simple things like being courteous, telling the truth, being trustworthy, not spreading gossip, and doing what we are supposed to do should transfer from every day living to our life in the digital world as well.

Unfortunately, many times the seeming anonymity of the computer screen can cause us to misuse the digital world. Cyberbullying and online gossip are big concerns with students. The same can be said about photo and video sharing. Social media helps to feed the fire and both hurtful and helpful things spread much faster than it would without the aide of technology.
Before posting on social media, students and adults alike should consider that, even if it is deleted, it never really goes away. THINK before you post!

This video talks about how to be a good digital citizen: 

Being a good digital citizen

Students should also be encouraged to pay attention to what they post, including details and photos, as well as responding to e-mails, both traditional and on social media. In an age where "likes"  are the goals of many teens they may not consider the dangers that can come from what they share.

This video highlights some thoughts that should be considered when posting online.

You posted what?

A great website for resources on digital citizenship for parents and educators alike can be found here: Primary Tech
A website with resources for teacher use is Common Sense Education

There are several other things that need to be considered as part of digital citizenship. Privacy and cyberbullying have been touched on briefly, but what about stealing? Hopefully students know that stealing is not okay but many type they forget thing such as plagiarism or using resources without permission or citations is also, in essence, stealing and not being a good digital citizen. There are several elements that go into digital citizenship. The following video touches on those.

The P's of digital citizenship

Another great resource for helping to educate students on digital citizenship can be found at EdTech Magazine