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Dining Room Tables Sets

dining room tables sets
    dining room
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Set with Style: Perfect Tables from the Dining Room to the Kitchen
Set with Style: Perfect Tables from the Dining Room to the Kitchen
Whether using heirloom china or a hot designer’s latest tableware collection–for an intimate dinner for two or a family feast for ten–set a table to impress.

Faced with thousands of inspiring choices for table settings and decorations to fit every occasion, hosts and hostesses have never been more enticed to turn out both a great meal and an equally appealing stage on which to serve it.

Author Caroline Clifton-Mogg knows that creating a table setting, no matter how simple or instinctive, is a form of interior decoration and design; so she has put together a masterful list of internationally acclaimed designers and decorators (such as John Saladino and Vicente Wolf), all of whom have showcased their signature styles for table settings. Set with Style offers an unprecedented cache of ideas that will ensure that entertaining your favorite guests is a pleasure instead of an overwhelming challenge; if your taste tends toward delicate crystal romance or even whimsical flea-market flair, you can achieve the most breathtaking visual treat on your tabletop.

Illustrated with more than 300 lavish photos, Set with Style highlights:
• The history of dining etiquette and traditions (from time-honored rituals to quirky customs)
• Table-setting styles (from contemporary style with Peri Wolfman and Reed Krakoff to retro style with Glen Senk and Keith Johnson of Anthropologie)
• Practical tips (from the creative use of accessories to what to look for when buying china, glass, flatware, and linen) from designers such as Sally Sirkin Lewis
• A resource guide (featuring a directory of china and glass suppliers and table-accessory manufacturers)
Whether you just want to spruce up an ordinary family supper or pull out all the stops for a high-class event, Set with Style will ensure that every occasion will be a beautiful one.

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Genesee Country Museum - Hamilton House - Dining Room
Genesee Country Museum - Hamilton House -  Dining Room
The is the formal dining room at the Hamilton House. Notice the elegant table setting. In front of the window, behind the table, is a chaise lounge which has the same design as the chairs at the table. The door to the right leads into the formal parlor. Located in the Turn of the Century section at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, 1410 Flint Hill Road (George Street) in Mumford, NY.
Dining Room Set for Dinner
Dining Room Set for Dinner
I love that we have a Franklin Stove in the dining room because it always makes for a real cozy dining experience and gives me another mantle to decorate. This year I went with lots of organics -- fresh greenery of all kinds, clementines, nuts, and pomegranates. When the season is over we'll eat the decorations!

dining room tables sets