500 Women Scientists of Europe - mission statement

Does the field of my female colleague from another department appear encouraging to her? Does she face the same challenges as I do? How are the women in neighbouring countries faring compared to my country? How can we, as women scientists, participate in bringing research to public and demonstrate success stories of Europe? Could we participate in the science policies at national and European level to contribute to the process?

Inspired by such questions and following closely the philosophy of the ever strengthening movement of 500 Women Scientists, we, the women scientists in the Europe have started 500 women scientists European chapter.

While we are connected to the American chapter, our aims and goals are more targeted to the European landscape. The multilingual and multicultural structure of Europe demands a sophisticated approach for creating and establishing a network of women scientists and strengthen mobility.

Our primary aim is to create a network of female scientists at the EU level. Such a network, spanning several fields and traversing across Europe, will enable women scientists to stay connected, share experiences and best practices on how to deal with shared challenges. While multiple efforts already exist in this direction, there is no network that spans countries and research fields. 

Central to our effort is the concept of Pods, which are local groups of female scientists, that define the aims and goals for their local network, and are created and run by local scientists. The interconnected web of these resident pods will form our network at EU level. These pods will therefore act as a social hub and think-tank.

Through this network of women scientists, we want to promote equality, diversity, and mobility of STEM careers. While women face unique problems during their careers in science, inequality lies at the base of these problems. We aim to improve equality and diversity within science in its widest sense.

Finally, we will achieve these aims through effective outreach. We will highlight the importance of science by reaching out to the public and informing them about our work, and we will help diverse women scientists from across the EU to encourage girls to consider a scientific career.

500 Women Scientists of Europe - aims

  1. Create a network of female scientists across Europe

  2. Provide resources on mentoring and create a mentoring system

  3. Increase the visibility of Europe-based female scientists

  4. Device “solutions” and raise awareness of issues faced by women scientists

  5. Increase scientific literacy through public engagement

  6. Advocate science-based policies and decision making

  7. Promote equality and diversity in science


We invite any self-identifying Europe-based female scientist to join us, and help us grow and strengthen this effort. We are here to address any of your questions and are open to new initiatives - do not hesitate to contact us!