In building this website, we have concentrated on two major purposes: 1) to archive Jengyee’s significant works and our fond memories of her, and 2) for applicants for either prize or awards to have a central place of information about her, which hopefully will help inspire how to create a better world.

The organization of contents is basically self-explanatory on scanning the sidebar.  Suffice to request a visitor to read the paragraphs on the top page of “Remember Jengyee” to get a structure of the rich page with many subpages.

The slideshow below was taken during tree planting in her memory on Berkeley campus on April 27, 2009.  The website logo at the upper left is the tree for Jengyee.  The serene scene at the lower left is a picture taken by her from a park lake in her home town Huntington Beach, California.

Jengyee Liang's Short Bio

Jengyee Liang was a native southern Californian born to a Chinese immigrant family.  Born in 1983, she showed great interest not only in academics, but also in the environment around her.  In her high school's last year, she fund-raised $5000 to go to a UN Summit in Geneva.  She entered UC Berkeley, where the environment was very conducive to her further development in many areas.  She campaigned for and was elected an ASUC senator in her sophomore year.  Her latent talent was also able to find expressions in several other leadership positions such as student rep to the Engineering Alumni Society Board, presidents for the UC Berkeley Chapter of Golden Key International Honor Society, Alpha Pi Mu, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers, all of which won highest national recognition under her leadership. 

She was very much liked by people around her.  Please visit People’s Messages for a document titled “Messages from People”.

Unfortunately her great potential was cut short because she developed lupus and was treated in an inadequate health care system.  She died in 2008.  How we miss her!  Hence this website.




Tree Planting Slideshow