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real cool toys
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Cool Toy
Cool Toy
This is not computer graphics ~ it's a toy, an amuzement! My son got into a rare "cleaning frenzy" and in the process found this toy that we both had forgotten about. It has two posts, about 12 inches long (looks like antennas) At the top is one thick string attached to both posts. The bottom of the posts are in a control box, of sorts, with different colored lights. When turned on, the posts spin the string around, but not in cinque. The control box controls whether the lights flash, the speed of the flashing and if the colors change or not. It also can change the speed of the movement of the string. The posts can be closer together or farther apart, which also changes the pattern of the turn. Best played with in the dark! This one was handheld at f5.6 with a shutter speed 1/13. I did try using the tripod and remote. It's hard enough to get something like this into focus, in the first place, but the longer the exposure, the more of a white-out it was. And the times when the string wasn't in a perfect rhythm, the shot was simply a blob of color. Plus, I don't think it didn't help much that I couldn't get real close with the tripod. Neither one of us can remember what it's called... :-\
My new "favorite" toy
My new "favorite" toy
I like to have different favorite toys. I have lots of stuffies. For a while I liked my chicken. Then I liked my parrot. Then I got all the cool valentine toys. Now I like this stuffie zebra. I got it real dirty and it squeaks so I like it a lot. All my toys are on my blanket so I can have them all at one time if I want. Mom says I look cute carrying my stuffies around all the time. I want Tallygator to tell me how to carry more than one!
Love, your friend,
PS Have a nice Sunday!

real cool toys
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