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Girl Toys Age 7

girl toys age 7
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Earring Magic Ken
Earring Magic Ken
In my research on this Ken doll here is what I dug up… Earring Magic Ken was introduced in February of 1993 at the toy convention in New York City and by May he was getting as much press as the new Coke! He was everywhere in the media. He even made the front page of the New York Times Arts and Leisure section. Why? The first ear piercing, the two tone hair, and the outfit were factors, but most controversial was Mattel’s choice of accessories for their new “cool” Ken, especially his circle neck ring. Ken's entire Earring Magic outfit includes a Gaultier purple faux-leather vest, a “straight-out-of-International-Male purple mesh shirt”, black jeans with pink stitching, and shoes. It seems that the designers at Mattel of Earring Magic Ken pulled a fast one on Mattel. Ken’s necklace and vest accessory caused such an uproar with parents and the general public that Earring Magic Ken was dubbed the "Alternative Lifestyle" Ken and several other homophobic names by “mainstream America”. Supposedly an urban legend spread that his earring-inspired necklace was used for something quite different. His redesign was created from advice solicited by little girls, ages 7-11, which played with him. They wanted Ken to look a "little cooler". However, rumor has it that the designers of this Ken intentionally made him “too cool”. Mattel had serious plans to discontinue Ken and replaced with a new beau for Barbie. This is the pivotal moment in Ken's history. Not only the controversy that surrounded him, his look and accessories, but also the fact that the idea to replace him was seriously considered by Mattel. However, in spite of the controversy and the outrage of the parents, who barraged Mattel with mail and calls, Earring Magic Ken flew off the shelves, thus, proving Ken still had appeal and marketing value. However, by Christmas in 1993, Mattel crumbed under the homophobic pressure of mothers and parents everywhere and pulled the doll from the market. However, by then, most stores were completely sold out of Kens, largely due to the Gay community's interest. Today, this doll is very hard to find and much sought after. For my Flickr groups…
self portrait 3: i use to be three years old and sometimes i think i still am
self portrait 3: i use to be three years old and sometimes i think i still am
click on "all sizes" above picture to see larger view. as we grow older more responsibilities and life events sometimes "bury" the child within. it is important to nurture our "inner child" not forget the joy we felt when life seemed more care be "adult" doesn't mean "no play" has to embrace all that life laugh, smile, celebrate......remember to play with your "toys", be they a paintbrush or a balloon. the figure on the right (as you view the art piece) is me: grown up, but still "playing" with my "toys" (my paintbrush/my art...the joy i experience when working on my art). on the left i am "blindfolded" in a circle of adult responsibilities...i can't see a way to lose the blindfold.... the "portrait" on the easel is age three the hand....lifting the blindfold...i control my life, my fate, my joy! jennifer beinhacker art outside the edge mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, tissue paper, sepia photograph 23" L x 14" H 2008 exhibited at: Touchstone Gallery 406 7th St, NW Washington, DC 7 January - February 9 2009

girl toys age 7
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