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    little people
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  • Little People is the name of a for preschoolers, originally produced by Fisher-Price in the 1960s as the Play Family.
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The Elusive Ghoulia!
The Elusive Ghoulia!
Settle down, this is going to be a long story. So this morning, I was planning on buying a Ghoulia doll from, despite the fact that it would cost at least $35, $15 higher than the store price (Amazon Prices = KRAYZEE). However, my mom decided to check her Target iPhone app, and discovered that our local Target had Ghoulia dolls in stock for $16! So as soon as Target opened at 8 am, we rushed over there, only to find no Ghoulia dolls on the shelf. X^( So we went back home to do some more web searching, and my mom, with *another* iPhone app, searched the doll's UPC code (which we found online) and found that Wal-Mart had her in stock. A little dubious at this point, I called Wal-Mart, was directed to the toy department, and was left ringing for 10 minutes. o__________o After hanging up and trying again, I encountered a Wal-Mart employee who was, frankly, INSANE. It went something like this: INSANE WAL-MART EMPLOYEE (IWE): Welcome to your Wal-Mart, how may I help you? QQ: Hi, I was wondering if you had the Monster High Ghoulia Yelps doll in stock? IWE: The WHAT? I have NO idea what you're saying! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! QQ:'s a character in the Monster High doll line...I was wondering if you had that character in stock. IWE: Oh, a *doll*? QQ: Yeah. IWE: Monster High? QQ: Yeah, Monster High Ghoulia. (short pause, computer keys clacking) IWE: Oh yes, we have her in stock! QQ: Awesome!! Would it be possible for you to set one aside for me to pick up? IWE: Well, we don't really do that, but we can do that for you this time. QQ: Oh. Okay? IWE: But we can only hold it for you for an hour. Thank you, goodbye! *hangs up* QQ: ...She never took my name.... So. My mom (who was thoroughly involved in the Ghoulia drama by now) and I went to Wal-Mart, where the customer service people never *heard* of any doll being held for any person. I CANNOT SAY I WAS SURPRISED. I'm beginning to think that the woman who took my call wasn't a Wal-Mart employee at all, but a random crazy person who likes to sneak into Wal-Mart and mess around with their phones. The customer service people asked who took my call, but I didn't have a name to give them. They just directed me to the toy section where I, my mom, and two brawny male Wal-Mart employees went through every Monster High doll on the shelf...with no Ghoulia. The two brawny male Wal-Mart employees were very contrite, and told me that the next time I wanted to call the toy department, to call the electronics section (which is next to toys) and have somebody in electronics run over and check the stock. Ummmmmm, okay. 0_o Except, OH, WAIT, I'M NEVER GOING TO SHOP AT WAL-MART AGAIN, BECAUSE NONE OF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU'RE DOING, AND YOU HIRE CRAZY WOMEN TO ANSWER YOUR PHONES WHO LAUGHS AT THE CUSTOMERS, SO NEVER MIND!!! Sigh. So, we started home in disgrace/disgust. Toys R Us was on our way home and had just opened by them, so on a whim we decided to check there without bothering to call ahead...and there was one Ghoulia doll on the shelf. :^O :^O :^O VICTORY!! I hope Ghoulia appreciates everything I had to go through for her. :^| All this being said, I LOVE Ghoulia. My name is Julia, so she officially will be my Toy World/Monstery alter ego. X^)
Men Love Cars & Men Will Be Men
Men Love Cars & Men Will Be Men
The movie “Riding in Cars with Boys” by Drew Barrymore drew people's attention on the fascination of boys with cars. Reflecting on the story's plot, women who often ride with boys on their cars are just sitting while the men take control. Only a few men can be named probably not at all who is not in to cars. From small boys to big boys, they have the common denominator, they love four wheels. Little boys at a very young age would certainly asked their Mom's to buy a toy car for them. A big boy would certainly go for the real one. Ever wondered why men get fascinated easily with cars? Why car blogs flock the net like thousands of sprouting mushrooms? The latest models drives them to nuts. Sometimes even when the girl is around, the attraction shifts from the girl to the engine....whew! The latter get irritated with it, and so with the others who suffer the same plight. Women have this notion that men consider cars a part of themselves. According to a study, men are more likely to cruise along the car with on hand and is vividly seen as more relaxed. As opposed to women., they keep both hands on the wheel. They have better inclination to think , and that they are a separate entity, distinct from the other. Some men can't take their eyes off their cars. This can be so annoying to women who thinks cars are their rivals, the second woman. Like any relationship, it requires time. Often money and effort are delivered in the absence of demand. However, cars can't guarantee a comfort that relationships have. They are material things that can deteriorate and flies. Why then do men get attached to it too much? A study revealed that cars feed into a mans need for ownership/ possession and the sense on belongingness or social acceptance. It is easy to be proud with ones car. Often times they get satisfaction and immediate gratification from the time and effort spent. They can speak confidently and talk to other men openly about cars. It is one topic that engages every men into conversation. For some men, it is fulfilling to invest in cars. While getting profit out of it they feel satisfied. Looking at statistics, men have the highest number of visitors in online blogs of cars and asks the most number of inquiries about car sales and car models. And, for some of the male specie they may feel safer and less risky to pour themselves into a relationship with their cars. There is an absence of the risk of being rejected. This can be manifestly seen with their choices in jobs, search sites and friends.

buy little people toys online
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