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Set Default Photo Viewer

set default photo viewer
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The Setting Sun
The Setting Sun
Message/Story: This is another one of my photos I took of the sunset last Monday night. This time I wanted to go for more of a realistic feel. I wanted to capture the most prominent colors of the sunset which were shades of pink and orange against the fading blue sky. F- Focus is clear, for it is on the setting sun and the light in the photo draws the viewer's attention to it. A- Angle was good, if taken from a different angle the trees would not have been able to provide a shadowed foreground. I also tried to put the sunset in that sweet spot. C- The composition shows a couple different textures, colors and shades. There are elements of light and dark in this picture (foreground vs background). There are also soft clouds in the sky and the harsh texture of the silhouettes of the trees. The colors blend into one another and the light really adds something to this photo. I- The interesting part of this photo is the silhouettes of the trees against such a light/dark contrasting sky. The sun can even be seen peeking out a little. The clouds also make this photo interesting because of where they are situated. T- Exposure is an important factor in this picture to get the results I wanted. Overall technical is good. Exposure: 0.001 sec (1/1250)- The shutter speed had to be somewhat faster in order to capture this whole light/dark factor here. Aperture: f/5.5- The aperture is at an default setting, so I could concentrate more on shutter speed. ISO Speed: 200- This was the default setting and worked fine here. Something that helped me with this photo is learning how to adjust the shutter speed accordingly. Without knowing how to do this, this photo would not have been possible.
Like an Open Book... or Flower, Rather
Like an Open Book... or Flower, Rather
Message/Story: I saw this flower at the Racine Zoo and I was drawn by the colors. I thought it was cool that it seemed like the flower and the leaves were opening up towards me too. F- Focus is clear, it's on the flower. A- Angle shows the flower opening up towards the viewer. This slight downward angle really made the photo so pretty in my opinion. C- The composition shows the fresh green leaves against the soft flower. The colors in this really pop, especially since there are complimentary colors like yellow and green. This flower is off-centered because I tried to give the photo a sense of more depth this way. I- I found the colors and the symmetrical shape of the flower to be appealing. I haven't seen many of these flowers or any flowers in which the leaves seem to be in sync with the whole process of opening. T- Exposure and natural lighting are good in this photo. Exposure: 0.006 sec (1/160)- This was the default setting, since I was more concerned with adjusting my aperture. Aperture: f/2.6- I wanted to capture the flower and not get as many details of the leaves and other insignificant details here. ISO Speed: 200- This default setting worked perfectly fine.

set default photo viewer