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Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Drunk Behind The Wheel

sometimes i feel like i am drunk behind the wheel
    sometimes i
  • "Sometimes I" is the second single by Laura Critchley that launched her music career from her MySpace page. It was released on May 21, 2007. It was produced by Steve Power, the man behind many of Robbie Williams hits, the single did not chart, but did well on the video channels.
  • Sometimes I is Laura Critchley's debut album. It was released on November 19, 2007.
  • drunkard: a chronic drinker
  • Affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one's faculties or behavior
  • Overcome with (a strong emotion)
  • intoxicated: stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol); "a noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors"; "helplessly inebriated"
  • someone who is intoxicated
  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine
  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering
  • a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events
  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground
  • change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"
  • an intuitive awareness; "he has a feel for animals" or "it's easy when you get the feel of it";
  • An act of touching something to examine it
  • A sensation given by an object or material when touched
  • undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind; "She felt resentful"; "He felt regret"
  • The sense of touch
  • spirit: the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people; "the feel of the city excited him"; "a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting"; "it had the smell of treason"
sometimes i feel like i am drunk behind the wheel - Sometimes I'm
Sometimes I'm Bombaloo (Scholastic Bookshelf)
Sometimes I'm Bombaloo (Scholastic Bookshelf)
Vail & Heo deliver a wise, warm take on tantrums.
Let the Scholastic Bookshelf be your guide through the whole range of your child's experiences--laugh with them, learn with them, read with them!
Category: Feelings
Sometimes, Katie loses her temper.Sometimes she uses her feet and her fists instead of words. When Katie is this mad, she's just not herself. Sometimes, she's BOMBALOO.
Being BOMBALOO is scary. But a little time-out and a lot of love calm BOMBALOO down and help Katie feel like Katie again!

Most of the time Katie Honors is a good kid. But sometimes, when her baby brother has knocked over one too many of her beautiful castles, Katie becomes Bombaloo. She uses her fists and feet instead of her words. Her toys "end up all over the floor--and so does my brother." It takes some alone time, a lot of parental understanding, and a silly episode with flying underwear to calm Bombaloo down again and return her to her happy Katie Honors state.
There aren't too many kids who won't be able to relate to award-winning author Rachel Vail's miniature version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Katie's rage is scary and reflected alarmingly well by illustrator Yumi Heo's collage, pencil, and paint illustrations, reminiscent of the art of Lane Smith, Giselle Potter, and Maira Kalman. The message is clear: sometimes we get angry--really, really angry--but it's important to calm down eventually and make it up to those we may have hurt. (Ages 3 to 7) --Emilie Coulter

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Day 99/365 - Nothing but the sound of the water.
Day 99/365 - Nothing but the sound of the water.
Helen, GA - Day 99 Today was the first day that I truly felt like a gypsy! We drove from Blacksburg, SC to Helen, GA last night. We had looked up free camping and was led on a wild goose chase through the small town of Clarksville, GA. After finding ourselves at a shady and very creepy little park with signs saying you’re on closed circuit TV we decided to move on and find another park. We drove up and down winding roads in the black of night. At one point, Joyce turned, looked at me and said I'm starting to see things on the side of the road. I simply responded with, "well, its good that your not driving" We needed to pull over and soon! I was tired but still functional and since we had little to do until Monday we had decided to do what ever we felt like whenever and where ever. I guess pulling over to sleep went out the door once we exited the I-85 shortly after entering Georgia. I knew that rest stops would most likely not exist after we left the main highway. I just hoped for somewhere to pull over with out the fear that we'd be ticketed. That somewhere didn't come until 1 mile short of Helen. We turned into Unicoi State Park at just past 1 pm and made our way to the camp sites. We noticed a parking permit payment drop box. We dropped $5.00 dollars in and grabbed our pass. We then proceeded to the most obscure and remote area we could find, yet somewhere where parking was permitted. We found our spot at a parking lot for a primitive camp site. Campers have to hike up to the site so they leave there cars at the bottom. Well, it just appeared that we were up there camping. We moved anything we could from the back to the front and setup a nice little nook. With sun visor in and dark tinted windows, no one was the wiser. We even popped in the redbox movie we grabbed at Walmart just off I-85. By the way… I love you Phillip Morris is the biggest stretch Jim Carey has ever taken. It was interesting and unexpected. We fell asleep shortly after 3 am and slept until the car heated up enough for us to wake up. 10 am and we hadn't even heard so much as a car. This was great! We slowly made our way from the back to the front and finally out of the camp ground area. We had decided to inquire about a RV Camp site spot so we could back the trailer up have a fire and roast some marshmallows and mingle with the other campers. Unfortunately all sites were reserved. From there we decided to get brunch but we were both feeling the desperate need for a shower. Well, why not pose as campers a little more. We drove back up to the squirrels nest parking, grabbed our bags and made our way down the back trail to the campsites "comfort station". Here we found, hot showers and just enough "comfort". During our visit with Diver Doug from San Fransisco he had said in regards to traveling "it’s funny how something as small as a shower is sometimes all you need to feel human again." It’s funny how that is so true! From our stolen shower, we headed to eat at Hofer's, a great little German Cafe in the heart of Helen. I ordered a traditional Ruben while Joyce stayed safe with turkey on white bread. Way to embrace to culture Joyce! We overheard two women talking about a obscure trail that most tourists don't know about. We got directions and after securing a hotel and trailer parking spot we were off to 4 wheel it up the mountain. This is where today's picture came from. About 5 miles up the mountain road that followed the Chattahoochee River we spotted a young man and older gentlemen fishing in the river. We pulled over and I got out, walked down to the river and observed for a few minutes before I introduced myself and secured Day 99! Jonathan and his grandfather Allen were up from Newnan, GA a 2.5 hour drive up the windy mountain roads. They were in Helen to camp and fish for the weekend. I could only have wished for an outdoor activity with my grandfather. His idea of bonding was sitting me on his lap and sharing his candy or whatever he was eating. We'd watch old reruns of Mash or The Gene Autry Show. Its ok, gramps… I loved you just the same! Sometimes I think that if he would have been more of an outdoor person, he'd still be with us! Well, Jonathan and Allen were great sports and I grabbed some great shots of something I've never actually been able to do… Catch fish! I'd starve if left in the wild with just a fishing pole. I'd have better luck stabbing a squirrel with the pole than catching a fish. Hell, I'd most likely catch a bear first. Shortly after dragging the AB800, Vagabond and C-Stand down to the shore. I was firing away, moving the lights and jumping from dry patch to dry patch trying to get that perfect angle. I decided that the best spot was in 18 inches cold fast rushing mountain water. I removed my shoes, trying not to get my socks wet, failing of course! I then made my way into the water. The shock of the nearly freezing water sent a shock up my legs all the way
"Have you seen Walter?" "No, I just got in, I haven't seen him either. I figured he would be in his room." "He's not. I looked, thinking the same thing, but he's not there." "It's almost 4:30 though. He should have come from school already. Where do you think he could be?" "I don't know honey. It's fairly late, I'll coming to look for him." "Where are you going?" "I'm going to drive to the school. Maybe he just mixed it up with the other kids from school and got into some small trouble. You know how boys are." He keyed the ignition and reversed the blue Honda off the driveway. The school wasn't too far away, it was about three quarters of a mile away within the suburbs and for the last month, ever since Jill had started working again, they allowed Walter to walk home with some of the other kids in the neighborhood. It was December already and the sun was beginning to set much earlier. By 5 o' clock, the sky was dark and the street lamps had come on. He drove slowly, glancing from the road to the sidewalk with each passing car. Besides the cars which belonged to the school staffers, the parking lot was empty. The last bus had left an hour ago and what remained were the parents who had come to pick up their children late from the daycare. He drove the car around the school but the basketball courts and playgrounds were empty. He drove through other areas of the neighborhood, areas that he knew some of son's friends lived in. He recognized a few of them. One was a skinny Asian kid wearing basketball shorts. His name was Thomas. Thomas was sitting in the garage playing video games on an old television with a few older kids. He stopped the car on the sidewalk and rolled down the window, "Hey." The boy didn't answer. "Thomas!" The boy turned around. "Have you seen Walter?" The boy looked nervous, "No. I haven't seen him since after school." "Do you know where he went? It's very important." "No. No, he didn't say anything." "Ok. If he comes around, tell him he needs to call home." He was nervous and worried and scared. His palms sweated and his mouth grew damp as he stopped the car at each stop sign and red light. He thought about calling Jill and then calling the police, but he wanted to wait a bit longer. He didn't want to worry her; what if Walter arrived home in a few minutes. He began to get angry at the thought of it. He would have a talk with the boy as soon he could. "Hello?" "Hi, could I speak to Mr. Phan?" "This is him. Can you hold on just a second," he pulled the car onto the side of the road, "Ok." "Are you there Mr. Phan?" "Who am I speaking to?" "This is Nolan Alvarez from the Winga Wa Seafood Supermarket security taem. We have your son, Walter." Mr. Phan gripped the phone and the steering wheel harder. He began to reach a realization. "We caught him shop lifting some soda and snacks about half an hour ago. We'd like to have a word with you before we decide to call te police or not." "I understand. I'll be there in ten minutes." "Jill?" "Yes honey. I've been so worried. Have you found him?" "Yes." "Thank god. Is he ok?" "He's with security at Wing Wa. He was shop lifting. I'm going to there right now." "Hold on. I'm going to come too." "No. Don't. I'll take care of this. I think it'd be better if I go too." "Please, trust me. Just stay home right now. We can talk about all of this when we Walter and I get home." "Are you almost there?" "Just a few minute aways." "Please don't yell or get angry at him." He drove twenty miles above the legal speed limit and reached the worn down supermarket with the faded blue paint within ten minutes. He parked the car and walked into to the store. He approached a security guard by the front door, who was guarding shopping carts. "I want to see Nolan Alvarez. I got a call from him a few minutes ago. You guys have my son." The security guard nodded and gave him directions to the security office. He walked down through the vegetable aisle and slightly through the meats section where the butchers partitioned sections of animal flesh and bone into sizable bits. They glanced at him underneath and the din of band saws and cleavers. The security was a small room. No bigger than Walter's bedroom. Walter was sitting on a bench which was drilled to the wall. Nolan Alvarez introduced himself and offered his hand, but Mr. Phan did not shake it. "Very well then," Nolan Alvarez said, sitting back into the chair. Mr. Phan sat down on the bench with Walter. "Please. Call me Nolan," the security guard said as he told Mr. Phan what had happened. As Nolan spoke, Mr. Phan turned to look at Walter. His eyes were p

sometimes i feel like i am drunk behind the wheel
sometimes i feel like i am drunk behind the wheel
Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball
Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball
So no one can see me
because I'm so small.
Little wombat spends a day doing favorite things--what could they be? Are they your favorites, too? Let's look and see! He especially enjoys walking around and around, and doing a pigeon step till he falls down. Or sticking out his pink tongue--and pulling funny faces (now that can be fun)! And maybe he'll jump just as high as he can, and see how much noise he will make when he lands. But when the day ends and the sun starts to fall...he goes back home to mama and curls into a ball. Good night! Soft-toned illustrations portray an endearing little wombat and the warm and friendly world around him--and every page is filled with charming details that stand up to repeat viewings: cute mice, rabbits and turtles peering from behind tall grass, marching pigeons, and a menagerie of other adorable animals. The images, along with the lyrically rhyming text, combine to make a sweet-spirited bedtime story to ease young ones to sleep.