Bbs Wheel Rims

bbs wheel rims
    wheel rims
  • (Wheel rim) The outer part of the wheel on which the tire is mounted
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  • A web based public system for sharing discussions, files, and announcements.
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bbs wheel rims - 18" Chrome
18" Chrome 500 Series Wheels Rims and Tires for Mercedes Benz
18" Chrome 500 Series Wheels Rims and Tires for Mercedes Benz
All UsaRim Wheels feature innovative engineering and designs for both performance and appearance. These wheels update the look and ride of an older or new car.. Made from strong, aircraft-quality aluminum, all of our designs feature our Lifetime Warranty & Perfect-Fitment Guarantee UsaRim Wheels are easy to install and fits without any vehicle modifications or additional hardware. Each package contains one set of four wheels and center caps. These wheels have been finished in a 3-step chrome process that ensures durability and shine. Chrome wheels have a mirror-like shine that is highly reflective.

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3D Model BBS Rims
3D Model BBS Rims
And another fixed up model... BBS Rims and Michelin Pilot Sport tires. I'll replace this with a bigger render when I get the time.
BBS wheels in Black on BMW 330 CI at the Nordschleife June 2008
BBS wheels in Black on BMW 330 CI at the Nordschleife June 2008
Some nice black BBS rims fitted on a BMW 330 CI seen at the Nurburgring

bbs wheel rims
bbs wheel rims
Eastwood Vintage BBS Racing Mag Wheel Gold Spray Paint
Replicates the Fine Metallic Flakes Found in Many High-End Wheels
Super Durable Finish
Correct Low-Gloss Sheen
Eastwood's Vintage Wheel paints are an exact replica of the fine metallic flake paint found on many high end racing and factory optioned wheels. The finish has the right low gloss sheen to replicate the alloy found in such wheels as BBS, Hurst, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Chrysler specialty wheels. This coating goes on easy, has excellent coverage and is super durable. Apply as is, or if you want to create your own custom look, apply Eastwood's Diamond Clear gloss or satin finish. Each 11 ounce can covers about six square feet or two wheels. Good to 250°F temperature range.
Listing is for paint only wheel is not included.