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Tyre Fitting Courses

tyre fitting courses
  • adjustment: making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances
  • A small part on or attached to a piece of furniture or equipment
  • The action of fitting something, in particular
  • in harmony with the spirit of particular persons or occasion; "We have come to dedicate a portion of that fieldIt is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this"
  • a small and often standardized accessory to a larger system
  • Items, such as a stove or shelves, that are fixed in a building but can be removed when the owner moves
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  • The way in which something progresses or develops
  • Sur: a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea; formerly a major Phoenician seaport famous for silks
  • tire: hoop that covers a wheel; "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"
  • Tyre (Arabic: , '; Phoenician: , , '; ????, Tzor; Tiberian Hebrew , '; Akkadian: ???? ; Greek: ', Tyros; Sur; Tyrus) is a city in the South Governorate of Lebanon.
  • A port on the Mediterranean Sea in southern Lebanon; pop. 14,000. Founded in the 2nd millennium bc as a colony of Sidon, it was for centuries a Phoenician port and trading center

Barbara Boxer lost the election!? NOW WHAT?
Barbara Boxer lost the election!? NOW WHAT?
I'm strange. Some people are likely raising their hands reading this going, "Yeah, no shit asshole". barbara boxer is one of the many numerous names I call my daughter. Among other names: barbara barbara brown Jackson brown brown allstar brownie (and she happens to be a brownie girlscout, although I've been calling her this before she even was one. Now it's even more fitting!) jackson 5 little rock from arkansas (I swear to god I call her this..... a lot... although I'm not quite sure why really? It evolved from many other names as all these names do) little rock (you know .... in case I'm in a hurry) bullmichael (long story, but she watches rocky and bullwinkle, and since she was little she's called Bullwinkle .. Bullmichael. So I call her Bullmichael). babe (vintage dude. Don't fuck with the old school) babestar babe-a-lot allstar rock (no not the wresler asshole) rocky (not to be confused with the boxer, not the barbara boxer, i mean the movie boxer. No not the cartoon rocky and bullwinkle, I mean Stalone dude. Wow this is confusing) rockstar rock sta-e-a (short A's, Long E pronounced. I've been calling her this a lot lately. It's a version of star that got daddy-fied into a weird language) the rocking babe (this actually gets ROCKING sung like a song.. .like singing "what a ROCKINNNN' BABE) femmy, femstar, feminine female (these are popular when I'm calling her for dinner or a chore or something... like this.. " hey femmmy? feminine femaleeeeee. femstar it's time for dinner" ..... 3 names banged out in 1 request!) feminine allstar barbie (yes the fucking doll. Bite me. She likes them) babe store (not a popular one. Although it's climbing the charts) Chloe (used occasionally. Like when I pick her up from school and she's tagging along ... "Chloe come on". Although usually I say Babe in place of Chloe for the most generic of names. Chloe is rare and not used often unless she's in trouble) There are dozens of others .... seriously. And new names all the time as the new names evolve from the old names. Some names get retired or just evolve into new ones. I have combined over the years likely over 1 hundred names for Chloe. FORBIDDEN: Clo (if I even call her Clo, she gets mad. The same equivalent mad as I get when she dares call me Dad which she has done occasionally when she was REAL mad at me. I Think she has called me Dad like twice. It was weird man. Sometimes I'll think she says "Dad" and I'll say "Did you just call me Dad??" and she'll laugh and go "haha of course not, I said Daddy!" The photo at hand? Chloe was very sick on Sunday. She spent the entire day throwing up into a bucket. I got her a sick magazine and a sick movie. Some weird shit called Ponyo, like Anime disney crazy movie. My mom always got me sick prizes when I was little, so I do the same for Barbara Boxer. Not the senator who lost the election, the kid in this photo. Oh and that pig? Her name is Pigetta. She has held the permanent stay as toy prized possession #1 since the departure of Piggy 3 years ago. Piggy died. Piggy got lost dude. I think . Not entirely sure. Pigetta is the replacement, the little sister or some shit. Of course I was told the other day I am Pigetta's dad. And Barbara Boxer is the mommy. I cleared that shit up real quick with Barbara Boxer and told her I was the fucking pigs grandfather. So I conclude this entire passage with this message to you: I'm the grandfather of a stuffed pig
Day 22: Let me sleep!
Day 22: Let me sleep!
Not the most fantastic wedding photograph of all time for sure, but I went with creative, cute, funny, and descriptive instead of cliche for today. More classic wedding portraits to come as time rolls on, promise :D This title and picture pretty much described my day today. It was VERY AWESOME. also tiring. And silly and entertaining too. So the picture is perfect. It just describes every aspect of the day. For the record, I don't advise getting 5-7 hours of sleep over the course of the 3 days before a wedding and then shooting that entire wedding for 9 hours straight. I was moderately tired to say the least. Did I let that stop me from having a blast? Goodness no. I worked hard, did what I'm confident was my very very best, and didn't stop except for a few bites at Paula Deen's restaurant during the reception. The grand total for today is 2,553 pictures. That ads up to around 44.4 Gb of pure 1s and 0s all to describe a wedding day. Hey. Let's do some random calculating since it's 3 AM and I have the internet and a computer handy. (unnecessary nerdiness commences here and ends two paragraphs down) The pictures I shot today were RAW files (for editing flexibility), 10MP a piece, which come out to around 15 megabytes per image file. If a standard stereotypical picture is worth a thousand words, what were today's worth? Well, if we break that down to bytes (which I will equate with letters, think ASCII right?) that's 15,728,640 letters. I googled a lot just now and came up with 5.1 as the average word length in english, so that means that a RAW image file, or each photograph I made today was worth roughly 3,145,728 words. Good to know. But wait. I took a total of 44,399,168,365 bytes (That's the exact count from my mac) worth of pictures today. That's on average 8,879,833,673 words. For comparison, the entire works of shakespeare are around 928,913 words. So I wrote like 9559.4 times more than the written works of shakespeare. Now, I can't say that today's volume of written works was as well composed and constructed as shakespeare's, but with that much content, some of it's got to be really really good right? :D All silliness aside, I hear that's a lot of pictures for a wedding, and I know Meghan, my tagalong/extra photographer/moral support/friend/helper today, got a couple hundred as well, so this couple should come away with plenty of gorgeous wedding pictures. I've looked through a few (enough to find this perfectly fitting one taken after the wedding just as the sun went down) and from the looks of it I'm very happy with how the entire day's photographs turned out. It was a lighting nightmare, as I hear most weddings are, but when it came down to it somehow everything worked out. I went into this more nervous than I care to admit, and coming out I'm extremely happy with everything. I suppose that's a good sign. Up next: School project for photography assignment due monday, so another couple hundred pictures tomorrow (not shot in RAW. I'll try to keep it under 500Mb tomorrow. haha!) and then editing for these 2k pictures over the next week or two. Gotta keep the post-pro going as fast as possible because Chris (groom) ships out to afghanistan next week! For now, sleep time. It was an awesome day. I love getting time to know the Coray family better. I already felt like part of their family, and It was awesome being treated as such this weekend. They're all so great. The Cole family is great as well. No lack of good conversations and meeting exciting new people this weekend. Much thanks to all of them.

tyre fitting courses
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