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Tire Sales Vancouver

tire sales vancouver
  • English navigator remembered for his exploration of the Pacific coast of North America (1757-1798)
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Sunshine Coaster Weekend
Sunshine Coaster Weekend
Well, it was a busy weekend - Mika had Saturday off, so we spent pretty much the entire day driving around North/West Vancouver looking at apartments of a very varied nature. Although we haven't signed anything yet, I think we've found the one for us out in West Vancouver. Pretty much straight down from Larz's uber, uber, uber sweet trail. So that was a successful day. Then today I was left by myself to make my way to the sunshine coast to watch some friends shred the Mach Chicken downhill race, so early this morning I made my way there via BC ferries. I decided I wanted to know where exactly Hwy 102 comes out on the B & K road, so for the first time ever, I pedalled all the way over there, and it was a surprisingly enjoyable ride. I wasn't expecting a lot of pleasure on the way out because the XC bike is still in the shop, but since the Slayer is also freshly tuned, it was feeling like a million dollars! Eventually I hit the B&K road, and then zipped down to near the top of the course, hide my bike in the woods and then found a SWEET vantage of the top section of the DH course from the clearcut above. It was rad watching all the people zip through the berms and jumps at the top. However, it made for pretty poopy picture taking. So after watching that happen for a while and eating lunch, I pranced back up the hill and hopped on my steed for the ultra fun trip back to the ferries. I stopped partway down HW 102 and tried to self-time this shot (but was having zero luck), so I just shot it in 720p and grabbed the frame. This little part of the trail was SO much fun - highspeed single track for 100m above it, into tight corner (the front of this frame) to pop off the rock on the back of it, tire tap the tree root and then straight into a 1ft wide ladder over a creek. If you don't do the pop-tap, then you have to make three awkward corners to line up for the bridge. But I digress. After railing HWY102 and getting back onto Sidewinder for the trip back to the Sprockids Park, I stopped to take another fun photo/video time, when I saw a big bushy red beard coming up the trail and knew it could be no other - Morgan "Motay" Taylor and his lovely GF Jodi RAWR, doing some exploring before catching their final ferry back to Vancouver. They were trying to find a cabin that some local had told them about, and since riding with friends is way better than solo, I tagged along back up Sidewinder to the 102 junction with them. After a little looking, we actually found the cabin, and had a super fun time back down sidewinder, out of the park, and back across on the ferry together. GREAT SUCCCESS! PS - totally forgot to mention the 20+ pod of white sided dolphins that swam beside the ferry for a little while. Totally epic!
Day 228 - The Good, The Bad, and The Infuriating
Day 228 - The Good, The Bad, and The Infuriating
Another four part day, this time in the hunt for a store that would be able to give me my new phone and plan for a decent price.. Basically the day went like this. It started off ok with a bit of hope; which then quickly turned into annoyance at the incompetence of one person, which then caused me to move on to the next place which had a guarantee of getting the phone! But then I was unable to contact my mom to clear all of the changes (which is a good thing in hindsight). After that dismay, since the store closed at 5:30, it was time to start heading back home, or so I thought at least but low-and-behold, I was was able to get in contact with my mom and head on to another store that may still be open. Said store ended up not having it in stock -_-" but I was at least told about what I would need to do to make my current plan valid for a smartphone. So with no phone in stock I would have to wait until tomorrow to get it, although the sales rep did "try" to find another location that was open and had the phone in stock but he had no luck, so it was time to head back home. Now I don't even know why I changed my route back to the skytrain but instead of taking the direct route, I ended up following a side street until I came upon an area that I pass a fair bit at times. At that point it seemed that the sales rep I was speaking to before didn't try as hard as he could have to find another store that was nearby and open; continuing with that luck, said store actually had the phone in stock! Now this is where things got interesting.. The person I spoke to before didn't give me all of the information I needed about the plan (and he even gave me some FALSE info too D: ) Not only did the new sales rep explain everything fully and repeatedly (since I was dead tired by this point, I forgot to have lunch, get something to drink and I had been walking around since 2pm, it was 8pm by the time I got to that store) and he even threw in a couple of small but nice deals too! Not only did I get the phone I want, I also got a HUGE amount of data for it (for a somewhat low price) along with a case and screen protector pack. And the even more surprising thing was that he was interested in photography too! o_o So at the end of the day, 7 hours after I left home, I got my phone. Now I just need to get all of my apps on to it @_@ I took this at the store just after everything had been set-up sadly I did not notice everything in the framing for the shot. The bottom corner of the box should have been in the frame ~_~ At least there's a foodie tweetup tomorrow; can't wait to be at it (and maybe be on tv too(when the episode airs)! x3)

tire sales vancouver
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