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                                           4X4 Altered Stock National RULES                     2/26/2018 


*With some sponsorship packages sold for this Big money event, all trucks may be required to display a sticker (That we will provide) on there truck to receive prize money. Other sponsors may follow.

*Top 10 trucks will be teched for cubic inch limit and any other rules infractions. Pullers will be responsible for having necessary tools to have there engines teched.  Trucks will not be paid until they clear tech.

*With the number of trucks expected for this pull, if the #1 puller turns down there pull they will have a choice of coming right back, 10th, or last. They will have to decide then.

*Mandatory safety rules apply:  

1. Class will be #6200 lbs with driver or #6050 for Ford & Chevy running aluminum heads.

2. A maximum of 134 inch wheel base, from center to center of the axles.

3. Must have working brakes, drive line brakes are allowed. 

4. Truck must have OEM production drive train. 106 Rockwell or equal in size. No planetary or sheet metal rear ends.

5. Drop boxes are allowed with OEM truck transmission, no reverser allowed.

6. Fuel tanks and batteries are allowed to be out front of vehicle on weight bracket. Batteries must be covered and securely mounted.

7. Front weights to be a maximum of 61” from center of front axle or a maximum of 195" from center of rear axle.

8. Trucks must have full size body. No lift body’s allowed. No tube chases allowed, OEM truck frame. No flat beds allowed. If bed floor is removed it must be covered.

9. Solid suspension allowed. Narrowing of the rear ends is allowed.

10. No cutting of tires allowed. Tires must be “DOT” approved no recaps, no duals and no terra tires.

11. Open headers allowed. Must exit down under the truck or upright headers are acceptable.

12. Pulling pivot point of hitch may not be more forward than the center of the rear axle. Hitch must be a minimum of 46 inches from the center of the rear axle to the hook point. The hitch height must be 26 inches max and must not have side to side movement or up and down movement during pull. The hitch must have 3” X 3-3/4” or larger hole for the hook to drop-in. Metal sled bump stops must be 8 inches past hook point. If hitch breaks and truck does not pass tech, truck will be DQ. 

13. Contestant will have 2 attempts within 100 feet to start sled.                                           

14. The decisions of the pulling officials are final.

15. If your truck does not meet these requirements, you will not be permitted to pull. Please make sure your truck meets all requirements before you drive hours to this event.

Visit- www.4x4alteredstocknationals.com for up dated information.




1. Maximum 516 cubic inch limit.

2. Single carburetor only.

3. Cast iron block only. Any steel head allowed. The following aluminum heads will be legal this year, Chevy -CONVENTIONAL Aluminum heads, Pro-Filer Sniper X, Dart Pro 1 & 2 (24 deg. square port only), Brodix BB head square port only, Trick Flow power port 365, RHS aluminum head, Dodge allowed B1 heads or Indy 440-1 heads, Ford - FE, A460, & P51. These are the only Aluminum heads allowed at this time. ALL manufacturers markings MUST be on heads, no grinding to disguise of heads.   

4. Cast intake only, no tunnel ram or sheet metal intakes allowed.

5. If running SB, 430 cubic inch limit, steel block only - stock bore spacing (No iron eagle blocks), any aluminum heads, any intake allowed, any single carburetor.

6. No pressurized fuels, methanol alcohol fuel,  E85 fuels or nitrous.

7. Rear of engine block can be no less than 12 inches behind center of the front axle.