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Mag Wheel Designs

mag wheel designs
    mag wheel
  • A motor-vehicle wheel made from lightweight magnesium steel, typically having a pattern of holes or spokes around the hub
  • Alloy wheels (incorrectly known as rims) are automobile (car, motorcycle and truck) wheels which are made from an alloy of aluminium or magnesium (or sometimes a mixture of both). They are typically lighter for the same strength and provide better heat conduction and improved cosmetic appearance.
  • Lightweight, sporty wheels made of magnesium. The term mag is often applied to aluminum and aluminum and steel combination wheels. Also see alloy wheels.
  • (Mag Wheels) Some high-performance automobiles have wheels made of cast magnesium, commonly known as "mag wheels" for short.
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California Dreaming Mag Feature Pics - Chrome Porsche Wheel
California Dreaming Mag Feature Pics - Chrome Porsche Wheel
This image was shot during a 2 part magazine feature called California Dreaming, this was featured in part 1 which saw me and an American friend take the Porsche's from Campbell in San Jose area up through San Francisco to the Marin Headlands and then back down to Scotts Valley where Canepa Design's factory and auto museum can be found - this would feature in part 2 of the magazine feature the following month.
Channeling the 70s
Channeling the 70s
I don't want to give you the idea that I automatically like all cast alloy spoke wheels.

This one seems to be trying to evoke the mag-wheel styling from old 70's muscle cars. On a little compact Mazda, I don't quite buy it.

(new Mazda 3)

mag wheel designs